Astell&Kern SP2000: Firmware Update v1.13 Instructions

Astell & Kern released the latest firmware update this week for their new top-of-the-line DAP, the SP2000. This update brings some improved operational stability as well as some additional services to the Open App Service*, specifically the Chinese music streaming service Xiami Music.

To Update to SP2000 v1.13:

Before firmware upgrade:

  • 1. Make sure of the battery level at least over 50%.
  • 2. Make sure of the memory size at least over 500MB.
  • 3. User setting is initialized after upgrade.
  • 4. Before upgrading, please make a backup of important files just in case.


  • 1. Connect to Wi-Fi
  • 2. Find 'new' firmware on Setting - Update - System update

*Note: OpenAPP Service and APK apps will work on the following A&K Devices: (SA700 / SP2000 / KANN CUBE / SP1000 / SP1000M / SE100 / SR15).

Applications such as Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. will not be available on older models, only on the current/new models via Open App Service (sideloading). Open App Service is available on SR15, KANN Cube, SE100, SP1000M, SP1000, SP2000 and all future models unless specified that it will not be available.

For the embedded apps on the older players, Tidal is the only streaming service that can be used in the US (online mode only due to restrictions from the record labels since it is built into A&K's system). Although Qobuz was built into some of the players, at the time it was not available in the US therefore when it is selected it will say that it is not available in the territory and unfortunately this will continue to be the case. Tidal is available on AK70, AK100 II, AK120II, AK240, AK300 series (AK300, AK320, AK380) and all models after).

Xiami Music - for SP2000

About Xiami Music:

Xiami is the latest music streaming service to offer high-resolution streaming and MQA support. Like Spotify, Xiami offers a ton of playlist options, but more importantly, it offers a lot more content than just music. There are music videos, lyrics, commentaries, reviews, news and more available to you.

Xiami offers a social experience for listening to music. You can create a personal account, add friends, share thoughts on the latest music you’re listening to, or even join digital parties where you’re thrown into an artist-themed chatroom and can engage with fellow listeners.

Xiami is extremely customizable too. There are too many features to discuss in this brief introduction, but it’s safe to say that the streaming service is targeting younger audiences or more social demographics. The service is in Chinese, but if you are interested in checking it out, here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Google translate to convert some of the app’s text to English.

Like other supported Open App Services, the application can be downloaded from an external site like See our tutorial on how to install such apps like Tidal here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Happy listening!

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