America's Got Talent - Season 10 Update

America's Got Talent - Season 10 Update

The Premier for America's Got Talent Season 10 last Tuesday started with inspirational excitement that left us wanting more & looking forward to this week's performance (airing tonight, 6/2/2015 on NBC). There was a roller coaster of emotions for the two hour premier, lots of tears from mixed emotions of sympathy, empathy, laughter & joy at the performances.

Drew Lynch, the hilarious stand-up comedian, stole the show and our heartstrings with his non-traditional comedic routine.  His true sincerity was evident in his #behindthescenes story of how he acquired his speech impairment and how he felt it has changed him into a better man.  If you have not seen his act, we encourage you to watch it now.  It will have you in stitches from laughter, tears from joy & chills from his inspiring & uplifting story of defying the odds.  No wonder Howie gave him the Golden Ticket to the AGT Finals!

A 2nd event of the night that was shocking included, Howie Mandell, and the comedian, Chris Jones.  Howie was hypnotized by Chris and he removed his fear of germs & shaking hands during this act so it was shocking, to say the least. If you've heard Howie talk about his fear of germs this was a complete shock to the entire audience & the judges.   This truly leads us to wonder, if you could hypnotize someone, who would it be and what would you have them do?

Multiple acts and routines of choreographed dance crews also were well received during the show. Elin & Noah, were jamming to Hammertime & they were a fun throwback to early '90's music. But, my favorite act was by Show Project which included 4 gymnasts that choreographed an even bar routine with trampolines.

The crew included 4 international male gymnasts that really impressed and inspired the crowd with their fresh interpretation of gymnastics, athleticism and a crowd pleasing performance.  We think they have a great chance to continue on to the finals and win the million dollar prize if their performances continue to be this impressive.

One of my favorite acts was Piff the Magic Dragon, who I am actually still laughing at.  Although he performed only one magic trick, his talent consisted of projecting his nonchalant, dry & carefree attitude that truly enamored the crowd to him.

Maybe it was his British accent, as we truly doubt it was his terrible Dragon costume but his act was hilarious, unrehearsed yet poised, polished & endearing. We look forward to more from Piff and maybe even from his older brother, Puff, oops, I mean, Steve. LOL.

One of the most surprising talents of the night to us was, Johnny Shelton, the father who lost his son to leukemia.  His story of losing his 5 year old son, brought tears to everyone's eyes.  However, the way he endured & started to heal his heart from this tragedy is so apparent in the lyrics he sang & performed about enduring love & its importance in life.

Each audience member looked as if they truly connected to the song & truly understood & felt the father/son relationship they had shared in their short time together.  His song & performance exemplified a beautiful sentiment of love, its importance in life & the celebration of his son's life.  We've added John Shelton's video below, we know you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

It was nice to see that there were so many good acts, there wasn't the showing of untalented people looking for their 15 seconds.  Although there were a few "Gong Show' moments, the majority of the acts were able to connect with the audience & truly capture our emotions with their performances which really makes this a season to look forward to.  I hope to see more uplifting, optimistic & inspiring performances tonight.  The singing  & dancing will always be my favorite talents but a story like Drew Lynch was truly  a notch above the rest, heartwarming, and captured my interest to come back for more.

What performances rocked your world?  

Captured your emotions?

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