Ambassador Review Contest Update

Ambassador Review Contest Update

The Ambassador Reviews contest is going very well!  We are very thankful to those who are actively involved in this contest. Many votes have been cast and we are on our way to some WINNERS soon.  Stay tuned...and keep voting for your favorites!

 Now, we would like to address a few rules moving forward:

1. We want to reinforce this is not a popularity contest. Ultimately, Moon Audio & our panel of Sound Experts will be making the final decision for who(whom) will become an official reviewer.

2. There have been some scripting issues that have allowed for extreme jumps in voting. We are aware of this issue and will be weeding out the votes that are false.

3. The voting is aimed at targeting your reviews to a larger audience.  Please cooperate with these rules so we can continue this for the benefit of all involved.

4. Please keep this fair and fun for all ambassadors & readers alike.  Thanks for your cooperation and Happy Listening!

P.S. Make sure to read & share the reviews you like!

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