2019 Audiophile Gift Guide

Tis’ the Season for a HiFi Holiday

It's that time of year again - the holidays, festivities, good food, and new audio toys. We have some great deals at Moon Audio this season, so be sure to check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Are you an audiophile? A music lover? A newbie? We have something for everyone and every budget. Here are just a few hot ticket items to consider for you or the favorite audiophile in your life:

For the Audiophile:

Focal Utopia Headphones with Black Dragon Cables

"The level of detail retrieval is unmatched. Suffice to say I'm another happy customer, in fact, it'll take surgery to pry this smile off my face." -DVD22

The Utopia is the result of more than 35 years of innovation, development, and manufacturing of speakers and loudspeakers in France. It's one of our favorite headphones here at Moon Audio and will sure to be a popular gift under the Christmas tree this year.

Astell&Kern SP2000 DAP Music Player

"Everything I have listened to on the SP2000 has been better than my previous small desktop DAC and now it’s portable." -Daniel

The SP2000 is the latest portable player from the Astell&Kern A&ultima line and the first to use separate, independent audio channels between the Unbalanced and Balanced outputs. Featuring two AK4499EQ DACs, SP2000 offers more power than ever before for the ultimate audio experience. The new flagship DAP from Astell&Kern has been a hit ever since it came out a few months ago.

Dragon Inspire IHA-1 Tube Headphone Amplifier

"This amp never ceases to amaze me. The sound is so wonderful, holographic, 3-dimensional, airy and detailed (in a pleasant, extended manner)." -Blake

The Dragon Inspire IHA-1 Tube Headphone Amp and Preamplifier has a warm and very dynamic signature that captivates audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. The Inspire continues to impress, years after its release. If you're looking for an amazing tube amplifier, look no further.

Meze Empyrean Planar Magnetic Headphone

"This is by far the best headphone I've ever owned and listened to. It's great for all genres. It still has perfect detailed mids with just the right amount of low end for anything. I consider this my end game and everything about it is premium." -Anthony

The Meze Empyrean is the first Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone and we know its an incredibly special headphone. A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably Meze, Empyrean is one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world. Read our Review on the Empyrean and see why.

For the Music Lover:

NEW - Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed Back Headphones

Formerly known as MrSpeakers (now Dan Clark Audio), the original Aeon broke new ground with its smart industrial design. From the elegant shape of the earcups, the lightweight nitinol headband, and the amazing performance of its in-house designed planer drivers, it's hard to believe Dan Clark Audio could find ways to improve it — but they did! The AEON 2 is available in both open and closed-back variations. We just got them in!

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Experience the next level of silence: See what happens when it's just you and your music, with noise canceling that cuts more outside sound than ever before. And experience how smart headphones can be with advanced noise-canceling technology such as Adaptive Sound Control, and the convenience of smart features including Quick Attention, Voice Assistant compatibility and touch control. Wireless is popular this holiday season - of the top noise-canceling headphones on the market, the Sony WH-1000XM3 are our favorite. See why in our Top Noise-Canceling Headphones review and bring the gift of untethered peace and quiet to you and/or a friend this year!

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphones

"The number of features and overall versatility of this headset makes it top dog in my book. I'll be using the Mobius for all my gaming sessions from now on." -Ricky

The Audeze Mobius brings award-winning, audiophile sound to your gaming experience with the enhanced realism of 3D surround sound, room emulation, sound localization, the freedom of Bluetooth, and more. In our review, see why the Audeze Mobius is the perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your family.

Stocking Stuffers:

Silver Dragon USB Cable

"Very high quality should last forever. Impressive sonics on a par with all the Silver Dragon cables. Recommended." -Charles

The Silver Dragon was created with ultrapure silver conductors for the best in signal transfer for your digital music. The cable uses 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors with a double layer shield to ward off outside interference. The Silver Dragon USB is the most resolute USB cable on the market today for an amazing price point. So stop paying for over inflated cables and give it a try. Be prepared to be amazed at the difference it will make when transferring your computer audio catalog to your USB applications.

Chord Electronics Mojo DAC Headphone Amp

"Hard to believe what one tiny black box can do for your music. Exceeded my expectations." -Marc

The Chord Mojo is a game-changer in digital sound quality. It's small, smartphone-friendly, and powerful. Don't underestimate the reasonable price or small size of the Chord Mojo. Another favorite at Moon Audio, the Chord Mojo is a versatile little DAC that's great for every system.

Black Dragon Headphone Cable V2

"Excellent cable. The veil over the music was lifted. There is more clarity, detail, air, and space around each singer or instrument. Well recorded music and high-resolution files are fantastic. Completely satisfied. Highly recommend." -Bryon

The Black Dragon V2 is extremely smooth with an enhanced low end and voicing. It adds a detailed warmth to high-end headphones, making it an excellent match for Grado, AKG K7##, Sennheiser HD800, and Focal Utopia. Warm and musical, the Black Dragon is a perfect fit where a broad range of musical styles are played.

Silver Dragon Headphone Cable V3

"Truth be told, I was skeptical about how much a change in cables would change the sound signature of a particular headphone. Consider me convinced and a skeptic no longer! I ordered a Silver Dragon v3…Macro and micro detail retrieval were kicked up more than just a couple of notches with this upgrade." -Erik

The Silver Dragon Headphone Cable Version 3 is our Top of the Line Headphone Cable. It is a silver conductor based cable and it uses 4 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. It can improve the listening enjoyment of most high-end headphones, adding detail and energy with a fantastic soundstage with lots of air.

Be sure to visit our Holiday Gift Guide for more deals and popular items for this Holiday Season! Shop by category, brand-specific deals, listening style, and much more. The deals have already started, so be sure to shop while supplies last! Happy Holidays and happy listening!

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