Black Dragon IEM Cable for JH Audio JH-3a Headphone Cable

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The Black Dragon JH3A IEM headphone cable is another version of our original Black Dragon IEM headphone cable. It is specifically designed for the JH Audio JH-3a Amp with the JH Audio dual input IEM's. This cable is not for use with any other system.

Get ready to be AMAZED! We are thrilled with the look, sound and price. We hope you AGREE!

"I have the cable and it is amazing. The detail is much better and I measured a 3.2db input sensitivity increase. "

– Jerry Harvey, JH Audio

Like the Black Dragon IEM headphone cable, the Black Dragon JH3A IEM version is a coaxial design using a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Copper 26AWG center conductor for the positive leg.

With this custom set up, there are 4 cables instead of 2. The JH-3A breaks the signal path into a separate 3 way crossover pattern. Each frequency range has it's own internal amplifier in the JH3A; therefore, 6 channels of conductors are required for this cable.

The center conductor uses the same Kevlar reinforcing as the other Moon Audio Dragon cables. The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC copper plated single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper stranded 26AWG gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998%. Now that is a mouth full:)

The 3 left and 3 right signal cables run parallel to each other resulting in a very low inductance. Both signal jackets are polyethylene and the cable is extremely flexible yet very resilient and resistant to flex failure.

This cable will only come in a 48" length and with the stock 8 pin Mini XLR required of the JH-3A amplifier.

Connection Arrangement

Red is right Channel

Blue is Left Channel

Dots always should be pointing in upward direction.

White connector over Black Connector.

Moon Audio is also a Dealer of JH Audio Custom In Ear Monitors.