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Black Dragon IEM headphone cable V1 for Shure Earphones

In stock

The Black Dragon V1 IEM Shure headphone cable is the baby brother to the Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone cable.   It is made specifically for use with Custom In Ear monitors or IEM's where light weight and flexibility are a must.

Fits most MMCX style connectors. 

This custom IEM headphone cable will open up your Shure Custom In Ear Monitor's and let them breathe easier.

The Black Dragon V1 IEM has a warmer signature over the Silver Dragon V1 IEM headphone cable.  It provides a musical presentation and soundstage depth. You will hear more clarity, instrumentation, and musicality with great bottom end.  No flimsy or stiff cables are made here at Moon Audio. Throw out that cheap stock cable and bring your Shure Custom IEM's here to Moon Audio!

To hear Drew speak specifically about the IEM cables - fast forward to 18:00 minutes.

The Black Dragon V1 IEM Shure headphone cable fits all of these in ear monitors below:


Model #'s

Shure SE Series

SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846


Post summer 2014 custom IEM models, EM32, EM3-Pro, EM2-Pro, S-EM9









Westone W Series

W10, W20, W30, W40, W50 & W60

Westone UM Pro Series

UM 10, UM20, UM30, UM40 & UM50

Westone Elite Series

ES10, ES20, ES30, ES40, ES50, ES60, AC20

Examples of the IEM's this cable can be used with are: Shure In Ear Monitors SE Series: SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846.

The Black Dragon IEM is a coaxial design using a 7N purity 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded copper 26AWG center conductor for the positive leg. The center conductor uses the same Kevlar reinforcing as the other Dragon cables. The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC pure copper stranded 26AWG gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998%. 

The left and right signal cables run parallel to each other resulting in a very low inductance. Both signal jackets are polyethylene and the cable is extremely flexible yet very resilient and resistant to flex failure.

A variety of connection options are available for your downstream connection such as the mini plug, RSA/ALO, 1/4" , XLR and many others.

We custom build these in house to your connection specification. The cable can be used in either a single ended or balanced design. The wire is soldered to a connector using high quality Cardas silver solder.

Connection Arrangement - How to install the Black Dragon V1 IEM headphone cable

Red is Right Channel

Blue is Left Channel

Dots always should be pointing in upward direction.

"...Black Dragon V1 IEM headphone cable absolutely blew me away; left me completely speechless. So much so that I called him up to try and understand just what was happening. How could the cable change the sound that noticeably? I still have no idea but hearing is believing. I’m a convert AND a proud and happy Black Dragon cable owner," Mike Dias, Ultimate Ears Pro, Sales Director

The Ultrasone IQ and the Logitech UE 900 also fit well with the Black Dragon V1 IEM Shure Headphone Cable.

4.6 / 5.0
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The cable sounds great and is the perfect length. It is a little stiff in one direction due to it being a "zip" cable design. Overall it's a good cable.
February 4, 2018
Outstanding wire for the money
I bought these to replace my Shure SE535 factory cables that were cracking. If I had known how much better the SE535s would sound I would have upgraded long ago. The Black Dragons are better across the board, with more powerful and tuneful bass, more open and natural mid's, and more liquid less fatiguing highs. They're much more expressive and dynamic, just a whole different experience. They're also quite a bit shorter, but just long enough, which makes them a lot easier to handle. They even have high quality connectors at either end that give a good positive click with just the right amount of effort. (One set another maker I tried required so much force I was afraid my IEMs might break!) Somehow they even manage to make my SE535s feel like they fit a bit better. Just a really nice, highly recommended upgrade.
January 23, 2018
No question....there is a difference
Just got these for my shure se 535's. There's no question, you can hear the difference. If you've already spent money for the better headphones/earbuds, you might as well go the extra mile to get the best sound you can get. Price seems a little high but then, you've already spent a lot on the earbuds...this makes them 25% better in my opinion.
February 16, 2017
Excellent cables
Cables are expensive but well worth it!
February 16, 2017
Good quality, could be improved
Nice sounding and fitting cables. A+ there.

My one suggestion for the moon team:
The metal wire which is used to shape the cable around your ear is enclosed in a transparent housing.
First impressing I got after opening the package was that it gave the cable a cheap look (although it is rock solid and not cheap) ... with visible metal wire which resembles a paper clip wire.
My suggestion would be: wrap the wire in a non-transparent housing.
February 16, 2017
Good cable, quite expensive
I really wanted to hear more the sound difference from this cable compared to the original supplied with my SE846. I am not sure burning in will make that much of a difference but when I compare side by side the original cable with the black dragon I can't hear any difference at all. I tried both with so many different songs and I had a very vague impression that the Black Dragon sounds a little bit warmer and with slightly deeper low, overall I still prefer the sound from the original cable but I can't even say this for sure because in many songs I couldn't identify any difference.
Having said that, the cable looks cheap, sorry to say, that Y split and the 3,5mm pin covered in heat-shrink tubing with ink stamps look very cheap. The connectors from the earphone side are very tight and housed in quite cheap looking plastic too although I like the fact they are tighter than the original cable. I also like the quality of the 3.5 mm pin connector, no complaints here. Overall I think the cable is good, but it looks cheap and doesn't make any difference in sound quality compared to the original supplied with the earphones, making it a very expensive replacement. I wish I had ordered the Silver Dragon as they seem to make some difference compared to the original (according to the reviews). Last but not least the company is very professional in shipping the item to the other side of the world very fast and they do have a very good follow up service. Just my honest opinion about the whole experience so far.
February 16, 2017
They're the best!!
I immediately connected them once receiving them in the mail and bam! I was blown away with how much bass heard.

They made a huge difference. I am rocking them with my Shure SE 535 IEMs.

I love them with the Black Dragon IEM. Thanks Drew!
August 9, 2016
Great Fit & Quality
This cable worked very well with my Shure E846s.

I'm not sure if the 846s had standard MMCX connectors, but other non-OEM cables has cutout isses with these.

Not this cable though. No cutouts and way more comfortable than the standard OEM cable.
April 30, 2016
Excellent cable
Let me start off by saying that I, in no way shape or form consider myself an audio expert I am merely an enthusiast who, like so many others is on a quest for perfect sound.

These were my first aftermarket cables that I have ever purchased and I can tell you that they definitely did not disappoint. I did quite a bit of research on the whole argument of whether headphone cables bought on the aftermarket actually do anything. I'm certainly a believer now.

My gear consists of very few pieces: westone w30 and fiio X3. The westone w30's are excellent headphones. They have a great balance between precision and overall sound which is why many people like to call their listening experience fun. I've owned the w30's for 3 months and I can say for the price the stock cables are not too pleasing. I also feel as though they can be a bit bright with some genres of music which is why I wanted the black dragon cables for these.

Understandably everyone's ears are different but if there's one thing that can really turn me off to a set of headphones is them being overly bright. Out of the box, the cables performed well but I can say that they definitely need to be broken it before their full potential can be exploited.

I felt that the w30's separation of instruments was on par for its price range and the black dragons definitely helped smooth things out across the board. Instruments are very well balanced to where if you want to you can depict what each one is doing at anyone time which is one thing I like to think many audiophiles like to do, which is get caught up in their music. There's nothing more alleviating.

As the description states for these cables they shine in the low end. The bass is tighter and fuller and has a great presentation, the mids are smoother and lull the listener into a song. Some say that aftermarket cables improve sound on a more realistic basis of about a 5% improvement. Overall, I'd say this is true except for the mid and low ranges which from my humble opinion I would say the improvement is around 10-15%.

The highs are finally at a level in which I can control. They're also tighter and more precise with the black dragons. I still feel the headphones are bright in some areas but the X3 has plenty of equalizer settings to keep things where I want or need them to be.

Build quality is top notch with these cables. They have more of a plastic shroud with a gloss finish. They slide on clothing very easily which makes cable management much easier then stock. The connector is covered with wire shrink wrap with a matte finish and feel to it. I feel this is a very nice touch to balance out the look and feel of the cables. The only very small gripe I have with this is that the logos on the shrink wrap feel like they would rub off after time but again, that's just my opinion and there is no reason why this should affect how I feel about this cables. If you were wondering and still reading this review the red dot is for the right headphone and the blue is for the left headphone. Hopefully this saved you some confusion. Also I chose the 64" option because I've had bad experiences with stock length cables. It is an extra 15 dollars but for me it was a peace of mind issue that I wanted to address because even though 170 isn't bad for aftermarket cables, it's still quite a lot of money to throw around.

I will end by saying, job well done by moon audio. I had to wait an additional 3 weeks for my black dragons because they were on backorder. I'm a pretty patient person and as well the shipping was free and still priority 2 day. For the price to performance value, I'm extremely pleased with the cables. Definitely will be returning to moon audio when I buy higher end headphones.

Oh, and thanks for taking the time to read my review. I hope it helps you with your decision.
March 11, 2016
Satisfied Customer
I replaced the stock cable on my Shure SE846s, because I was having some connection issues with the left IEM. I've had the IEMs for over a year and expected the problem was wear and tear.

The Dragons fixed the problem, and I don't regret spending more than an original replacement cable would have cost. I don't know that I'm able to detect whether the sound quality is significantly better, but I could if it was worse. It is definitely equal or better.

The behind the ear fit is more comfortable because the stiff portion of the cable is shorter. This allows the cable to rest less noticeably down the back of the ear. I'd make this purchase again.
November 14, 2015
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