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Why Moon Audio handcrafts the BEST in custom audio cables.

Passion. Sound. Exclusive. Engineering. Best.


This is why we started Moon Audio. Passion is our lifeline in this business. Music, High Fidelity, Sound Quality, and being a DJ are all pieces of the MAGIC that make a difference. We understand sound, as we live it and breathe it. We're all in plus we understand how its engineered -- in the drivers of the headphones, in the circuits of the amplifier and ultimately, how to make audio cables compliment the sound of your headphones. We know how to advise you to #hackyourheadphones.  We created #hackyourheadphones with our custom headphone modifications and ORIGINAL hacks.  We create a hack system for your headphones based on your preferences. We then decide if they need to be hacked with: a single entry, dual entry or hardwired mod. Have a detachable connection? Perfect, then YOU can #hackyourheadphones too. It’s just “plug and play” with our #DIYhack. Now, isn’t that easy?


We know about sound. DJ’s, Audio Engineers, Musicians, Audiphiles and Music Lovers have been asking us to #hacktheirheadphones for years. We started making audio cables in 2003 and haven't stopped researching, perfecting and hand crafting cables since. They say art is never perfect but always a “process in the pursuit of arriving at perfection”. We will always be arriving at perfection on purpose.

Why? Well, our favorite part of handcrafting and modifying headphones is the craft. It's also alot of fun.  We'll keep testing, listening and improving on the art of sound as our trade. Passionate about sound, you could say it’s our life. We listen, test, learn, perfect, and then start all over again. It's a constant circle of learning, earning and perfecting our passion one customer at a time. This is how we built our business since 2003, on this “golden rule” promise to our customer. We aim to please and please to aim. We hope you’ll agree. You have 30 days to audition our cables in your home, headphones or hifi setup. This allows for break-in time, play time and critical listening time. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do and if you don’t, no worries, we got your back. See our complete return policy HERE.


Our audio cables are Exclusive.  We sell our Silver, Black and Blue Dragon cables direct in the U.S. and for very good reason. We started the business to provide an affordable, customized experience for every music lover, audiophile and enthusiast we serve. We are an exclusive audio boutique or an audio psychologist for the really serious music lovers, audiophiles and critical listeners. You have tough questions, we have thorough answers. Sound quality, audio connection options, sound synergies of gear and hifi gear compatibility, we can make these answers simple. These are the tough answers for most, but not us. Since we play, live and breathe audio gear, headphones and cables daily, its simple for us. Its our playground after all, want to come over and play? We thought you’d say, YES. 


Engineering sound, its what we do. I know this sounds technical and it is.  You see half of our craft is hearing what is there and what is not there when we create our audio cables and #hackyourheadphones. The other half is knowing what makes a difference and what does not. We believe that every item in the signal path can either hinder or enhance the sound quality. You might say we've learned this by trial and error, but we call this perfecting our craft of sound. A combination of mechanical and electrical engineering are included but most of all human engineering and sound is what truly affects the end product. That’s right, humans hearing sound, this is how we test. We are not different from any music lover, we've just been perfecting this playground for a while now. We also have some testimonials, reviews, and writer's choice awards to be proud of.


Best materials is where we started, and where we will always be.  We use pure materials, no cookie cutter stuff here.  We have silver, copper, dual sheilding, etc.etc.etc. 

We're not changing this promise, ever.  Nope, this is what sets our exclusive custom audio cables apart.  Yes, it's true. Not many things are handcrafted anymore in America but our cables are and this is something we are proud to maintain. We are a first generation, family owned business with passion about sound quality. Our audio cables are created for custom applications, customer needs, requests and fueled by the innovation of the world. We continue to be inspired by your music styles, desires, passions and needs on a daily basis. Its our lifeline and creative inspiration, thank you.

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