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Back to School

Back to School headphones and dragons

BTS Event

Moon Audio Back-to-School Better Music Event

At we don’t make headphones. We make Silver, Black and Blue Dragons - audio cables that make even the best headphones, earphones, in-ear-monitors, headphone amps and DACs sound better. Our Back-To-School Better Sound Event:


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Dragon Cables for your Audio Gear

Dragon Cables - Converting Skeptics

Skeptical about sound differences audio cables can make? You aren’t alone. We see so many converts we are developing a “Convert Scale” to define how much a music lover’s skepticism was turned into love.

The conversion from skeptic to fan is clear when reading a few reviews:

Yes, There Is A Difference

"Yes, the Silver wire (Silver Dragon IEM cables) does have a sonic effect – smoother upper-mids, slightly extended high frequencies and (again) better low frequency transient response. Tighter, smoother, snappier."

Touch33, "Old Soundman", with 40+ years (gasp!) of live and studio experience.

Converted Skeptic

"In short I am Impressed, I hoped for a bit of a difference but - What a Difference and exactly along the lines Drew described (Audeze LCD-X with Black Dragons).

I still don't understand how another piece of wire makes a difference to the character of the sound, but I don't have to understand which leaves me free to just enjoy listening to the music."

David, customer review Black Dragon Headphone Cable V2

Image Hack your headphones with Dragon cables

Hack Your Headphones

3 Ways to level your headphones, earphones or in-ear-monitors up for this school year:

  • Branded Hacks - we add dragons to top brands & you buy ‘em together.
  • DIY Plug & Play - some brands cables are easy to change yourself.
  • We Hack ‘em - send your headphones, earphones or IEMs to us and we will hack in better cables for better sound.


Apple iDevice Compatible headphones, dragon cables, & gear

Apple to Headphones & Earphones

Connecting headphones, earphones or in-ear-monitors directly to Apple phones, iPads and computers is easy:

    • Headphones

Select Oyaide 3.5mm or ⅛” Diameter Stereo Plug (from Amplifier Connection Options pulldown menu on product pages now highlighted “for Apple”)

    • Earphones & In-Ear-Monitors

Select 3.5mm Stereo Rt Angle Plug Premolded (from Amplifier Connection Options pulldown menu now highlighted “for Apple”)

DACs & Headphone Amps

iPhones and iPads require an Apple authenticity chip to pull Apple’s digital signal. Some headphone amps and DACs have Apple chips some do not.

There are 3 ways to connect laptops, iPhones and iPads to headphone amps and DACs:

  1. Buy amps & DACs with Apple chips

    Find in Apple - Amps, DACs & Gear and use new Apple Approved Silver Dragon USB cables for best portable, office and home listening.

  2. 3" for Portableimage Silver Dragon Lightning Cable for Apple iDevices

    .5 meter for Officeimage Silver Dragon Lightning Cable for Apple iDevices

    1.5 meter for Homeimage Silver Dragon Lightning Cable for Apple iDevices

  3. Use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and our cable explained on our blog.
  4. Apple + Chord Hugo

    Get all the cables you need to connect your Chord Hugo to Apple iDevices:

    1. Apple CCK + Silver Dragon USB Bundle

    2. Apple CCK + Black USB Dragon Bundle

  5. Settle for bluetooth’s lesser sound quality (not recommended & explained on our blog).

Best Headphones for Back to school

Best Headphones

“Best” is a tricky word when it comes to headphones. What is “best” for you and your music may stink for someone else. Resisting Beats ads is hard, but, as Time and others point out, you can buy better sounding cans (headphones) for the same money. Spend a little bit more and your music can sound worlds better.

Finding "best" means you need to make decisions about "open back" vs. "closed back" too. Open back headphones can sound better because there is more air for the driver to move around in, but they are disruptive to those around you. You wouldn't want to use open back in a public place since your music would be impacting others.

Here is's Founder Drew Baird's $500, $1,000 and $1,500 recommendation for "best headphones":

Best $500 Headphones

Best $500 Open Back Headphones

Best open back cans in the $500 category is the HiFiMan HE400i. HiFiMan's planer magnetic design offers great detail and engaging midrange. Hifiman headphones are known for sounding better than their price tag. And with multiple Earpad accessory options you can change the presentation of the sound slightly. The HiFiMan HE400i like the Shure SRH1540 has a detachable cable making connection options a breeze. Stock cable is a "must replace" on this headphone.

Best $500 Closed Back Headphones

Shure SRH1540 is an amazing value. One of the best bangs for the headphone buck on the market. And the Shure SRH1540 has a detachable cable that offers flexibility for changing connection.

Shure SRH 1540 has good isolation, but these headphones were not designed with 100% isolation in mind. Shure's SRH1540 headphones use felt ear-pads so there is some sound leakage in and out. But the tiny amount of loss also creates the Shure's larger sound stage (not always easy with closed back cans). 

Best $1000 Headphones

Best $1,000 Open Back Headphones

Audeze LCD-2 is loved by many customers. This headphone has amazing bottom end weight and a warm sound signature perfect for hard hitting EDM to smooth Jazz. Audeze LCD headphones use a planer magnetic driver like the Hifiman HE400i. Audeze has wins awards for innovation in headphone. Audeze is a favorite brand at Moon Audio.

Best $1,000 Closed Back Headphones

Ultrasone Signature DJ wins in the $1,000 closed back headphone category. Ultrasound's DJ headphone is a real sleeper in popularity. It is not well known.

I hope to change that with this statement. "Wow".

I used to be a DJ (in college) and this headphone really surprised me. The Ultrasone Signature DJ is better than most higher dollar Ultrasones. Sound is fast, detailed and engaging, comfortable and ergonomics of the headband and ear cups offer good isolation. These Ultrasone cans fold flat so they are great travelling headphones. Give them a try for sure.

Best $1,500 Open Back Headphones

Best $1,500 Open Back Headphones

New Ether headphone from Mr Speakers wins best $1,500 open back headphone. Ether is Mr. Speakers first full production headphone. Mr Speakers is known for modifying Fostex TR50Ps. Now with a new and built in-house headphone Mr Speakers is sure to take the market by storm. Smooth, accurate and wonderful these headphones are a revelation.

Best $1,500 Closed Back Headphones

Fostex TH900 headphone has been our pick for one of the best headphones on the market for a long time. Fostex TH900s are linear and natural sounding. Nothing in the sound of these wonderful Japanese cans is tipped forward or recessed creating a true reference headphone. We recommend Fostex daily and the TH900s are popular with our Studio Mastering and Engineering customers.

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