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S5W Wireless Loudspeaker Pair

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Excellent HiFi Sound, Aurender + Poolside Music = Easy as 1, 2, 3 More details

Aurender S5W Wireless Loudspeakers Overview: How-to Guide | Moon Audio

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Aurender made a compact loudspeaker which operates truly wirelessly and with excellent sound quality. Aurender S5W wireless speakers boast 50+ hours of play time using Bosch 6Ah, 18V Lithium-Ion Battery*.

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Battery Powered, True Wireless Lossless Speaker System

Aurender made a compact loudspeaker which operates truly wirelessly and with excellent sound quality. Aurender S5W wireless speakers boast 50+ hours of play time using Bosch 6Ah, 18V Lithium-Ion Battery*.

*Batteries and charger not included.

Aurender + Poolside Music = Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Place your S5W Wireless Loudspeakers near the action.
  2. Connect your device with the included transmitter dongle.
  3. Stream music from your favorite music app: Tidal, Spotify or Apple Music.


  • Lossless High Fidelity (16-bit/44kHz) Resolution without any compression at all.
  • True Wireless Stereo - No Cables Required (Even Power Cable)
  • Machined Aluminum Enclosure Available In Three Finishes
  • High Quality Drivers - Tweeter Unit From Scan Speak, Mid-Bass Unit From SEAS
  • Up To 50 Hour Battery Operation Provides Real Portability
  • Excellent User Experience And Ease Of Use
  • No Software To Install Or Pairing Requirement &emdash; Just Plug In The Supplied Dongle and Play Music From Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer Instantly!
Aurender S5W Loudspeaker

You can use an iPad, iPhone/Android phone to play your own music or any streaming music service you wish. You can then enjoy music that you play from your device with true HiFi sound quality through the S5W. And there's no need for pairing, no software to install - just plug the supplied transmitter dongle* into the device of your choice, select music and press play. Music is then redirected to S5W automatically! *Transmitter dongle and cable for Android phone included. Dongle cable for iPhone not included. For iPhone, use USB Camera Kit available from Apple.

Aurender S5W Loudspeaker

You can also use any USB Audio output device as the source. For example, an Aurender N100H could be used as a player for the best sound quality.

Aurender S5W Battery Aurender S5W Loudspeaker

Using Battery Power

  • The recommended battery is the Bosch 6Ah, 18V BAT622 Lithium Ion Battery.
  • When inserting the battery, press it in until it clicks.
  • When removing the battery, press the red button on the battery and it will release.
Aurender S5W Loudspeaker

Using the Power Adapter

  • When using the power supply (DC adapter), connect the power cable as shown in the image.
  • Do not insert battery when using the AC power adapter.
Aurender S5W Loudspeaker


Q: What source devices can be used with the S5W?
A: Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone all can be used. Music servers with a USB audio output could possibly be used, but some devices may have issues with the control of volume. Any Aurender Music server can be used as the source device.

Q: Do I need to join a wireless network?
A: No. The S5W uses a 2.4GHz wireless signal to transmit PCM data via a peer-to-peer wireless transmission. It does not use an IP-based network like those typically used for internet access.

Q: What is the range of S5W?
A: It is approximately 10m (or 30 feet) line of sight.

Q: Can I use more than 1 pair of speakers?
A: No. The S5W transmitter dongle supports only one pair (left + right) of speakers at a time.

Q: Can it be AC powered?
A: Yes. It comes with two AC adapters, one per speaker.

Q: How do I charge the battery and what is the charging time?
A: The Bosch battery charger must be purchased separately: Bosch Quick Charger Model AI 1860 cv. The charging time for a 6Ah battery in about one hour.

Q: How much does the battery cost?
A: Battery price will vary depends on the capacity, country, and retailer. In the USA, a 6Ah model costs about $100 on Amazon.

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: Depending on the volume level and battery capacity, the SW5 will play approximately 50 hours continuously with a 6Ah battery (average listening volume).

Q: What does the name S5W come from?
A: S5W is a model name. Previous models, named S1, S3, and S5, were similar in concept but AC-powered only. The S5W was developed as an enhanced version of the S5, making it battery-powered and truly wireless. The "W" in the name reflects that.

Q: Is there a matching sub-woofer?
A: Not yet. Aurender has expressed interest in developing one but would like to receive more customer feedback first.

Q: Why did Aurender make speakers?
A: Aurender is interested in providing HiFi sound to a broader audience not just limited to audiophiles. They'd like to provide HiFi solutions to the luxury and lifestyle markets where the ease of use, design quality, and differentiation are the most important factors. S5W is the first model in that direction.

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Technical Features

Power Supply
DC24V/2A adaptor or Bosch battery 18V/6Ah
Wireless Audio Stream from USB dongle
1 inch, 4 ohm dome tweeter
4.5 inch, 8 ohm woofer
Bass Load
Bass reflex
Acoustic Sensitivity
85.5dB at 2.83V/1m
50 Hz to 22 kHz
Digital Crossover 2.0 KHz 4th. order
Built-in, 2x50 W amplifier
220mm(h) x 156mm(w) x 185mm(d) / 5.2 kg
Transmitter USB dongle / Manual / DC Power adaptor / Remote Ctrl
Battery (not included)
Bosch 18V, 4/5/6Ah:
Continuous Play: about 50 hours (varies depending on volume)
Idle > 30 days

Package Includes

  • Pair of Speakers
  • two year limited warranty



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