Tidal for Aurender

Streaming Tidal on Aurender

Tidal is a breakthrough in the streaming industry. Compared to Pandora and Spotify, Tidal gives you the ability to stream high resolution files directly to your Aurender devices.

Follow these steps to stream Tidal on your Aurender device:

  1. Download the Aurender Conductor App (V2.07 or latest).

  2. Run the Aurender app and click on the settings icon.

  3. Choose "Streaming setup" menu.

    Aurender Tidal streaming setup

  4. Enter your Tidal user name and password.

    Log in to Tidal

  5. Click "Check Login."

    Aurender Tidal Login

  6. Close out of the setting screen.

  7. You will see "Aurender" on the title bar and click "Aurender."

  8. Click "Go to Tidal."

    Aurender Tidal Streaming

  9. Title bar display will change from Aurender to TIDAL and You will see the TIDAL menu and Albums.

    Aurender Tidal Streaming screen

(If you cannot see TIDAL menu but only see waiting icon, exit the Aurender Conductor App and run the App again)


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