Audeze LCD Series Spring Steel Suspension Headband

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Audeze leather-free Spring Steel Suspension headband for upgrading LCD series Headphones;Headph… More details

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Audeze leather-free Spring Steel Suspension headband for upgrading LCD series headphones

High Quality

spring steel suspension headbands are designed to distribute weight evenly across your head, reducing hotspots and promoting comfort for extended listening sessions!

Precision Craftsmanship

The headband is constructed with heat-treated spring steel that is powder coated to prevent corrosion. This steel band is then suspended above a perforated strap of either genuine leather or leather-free material to create the perfect, comfortable fit.


  • Die-cut and precision stitched materials for ultimate luxury and quality
  • All headband materials are hypoallergenic and resistant to static electricity

Replace the Headband on your LCD Headphones

  1. Remove the black nylon screws from the tops of the silver yoke rods and slide the rods out of the adjustment blocks on your existing headband.
  2. Match up the Left and Right cups to the proper sides of the new headband.
  3. Insert the rods into the new adjustment blocks, and replace the black nylon screws.

Note: The tensioned set screws in the sides of the headband's adjustment blocks are pre-set and glued in our factory, and are not adjustable. Do not attempt to adjust these screws, as damage may result that is not covered by warranty.


  • Suspension Headband
  • Allen Wrench
  • Threadlocker
  • Instruction Sheet (not pictured)



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