Audeze LCD-i4 + Silver Dragon IEM V2 Cable Bundle

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Taking the driver technology from Audeze's #1 rated LCD4 to make the absolute best sounding in-ear experience.

  • Superior transient response
  • Bass response flat from 900Hz down to 5Hz
  • Wide and accurate soundstage
  • Impedance ~35 ohms (use with a high-quality headphone amp recommended)

The Silver Dragon provides a more musical presentation and sound stage depth with more clarity, instrumentation and musicality.

Audeze LCDi4 Headphones

The world's most advanced in-ear headphones

Audeze LCDi4 Design

The LCDi4 delivers bass response flat from 900Hz down to 5Hz, the widest, most accurate soundstage, and one-tenth the distortion.

Planar Magnetic Technology

The same ultra-thin diaphragm used in the LCD4s has been redesigned to fit the new LCDi4s with all the patented technologies: the Fluxor magnets, Uniforce voice coil technology.

The distortion (THD) is less than 0.1% - even at high volumes

New magnesium top housing and braided cable made of silver-placed OCC copper with Kevlar threads for additional strength.

Engineered and Handcrafted in California

Each unit is hand-crafted in the Audeze factory in California.

Delivers exceptional frequency response and excellent transient behavior.

The thin-film is slowly built using a specialized vacuum deposition process to create the malleable metal layer.

Each unit is individually assembled with care and matched within +/-dB of each other.

Great sound in Small Packages

Audeze worked closely with their strategic partner Designworks, a BMW Group Company to bring the sound of their award-winning LCD Collection. Every part of the LCDi4 is designed to bring their world-renowned sound to a global market in a smaller, lighter package.

Great care and attention go into the production of every one of the LCDi4 headphones, from utilizing the finest most comfortable materials that minimize reflections, to the precision hand-craftsmanship in their California facility. The result is a headphone that looks, feels and most importantly sounds like no other. You will hear the passion, quality, and care in every one of their headphones.

Silver Dragon IEM Cable V2

Sound characteristics & design

When designing the Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2, we decided to design the best possible IEM cable to truly bring out the best in the top of the line JH Audio IEMs. A no holds barred approach was taken with 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver conductors used per cable. That is a lot of silver! The amount of silver used in this cable over the Version 1 is mind-blowing and we stayed true to our motto to not overprice or over inflate the retail price. This is by no means a low priced cable, but we challenge you to find a cable at this price point and performance level, we know you won't find a better value or sound at this price point.

The V2 design utilizes is a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver conductor. It is the purest wire that can be produced in this day and age and void of all impurities. It includes all the sonic characteristics and strengths of our original Silver Dragon IEM cable with an enhanced level of resolution and detail. It is not an overly forward or bright sounding cable, it is extremely smooth, very clean with an accurate reflection of the music. We have found it to be very non-fatiguing with a mastering reference sound indeed. A tight, well controlled bass which has more layers of resolution than any other cable we have produced rounds out its characteristics.

If you are a critical listener like Drew Baird, the founder of Moon Audio, then there is no substitution for this cable! You will be thrilled with the resolution and detail.

3 standard premolded cable options available

  • 2.5mm balanced 4 pole gold straight mini plug for use with the balanced output of the Astell and Kern players, RAL players & ALO amps. The entire body is molded to prevent the face of the connector to short to chassis ground. This will eliminate issues of ground shorts.
  • 3.5mm straight 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices.
  • 3.5mm right angle 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices.

Both of the 3.5 mm connectors have extended necks to accommodate portable devices with a deep connector socket hole.

We will also offer custom termination options as usual in the future. The Premolded connections are available for immediate shipment, and custom terminations will be available in a few weeks.

Available Amplifier Connections

Silver Dragon IEM V2 connectors

Press and Reviews

The Absolute Sound Review
The Absolute Sound

by Mike Mercer
Dec. 2018


Audeze LCDi4 Headphones

Professional Reviews

The Absolute Sound - 12/19/2017
LCD4 film technology - only 0.5 microns thin
Vibration dampening magnesium housing
Fluxor magnets and Uniforce voice coil design
30mm largest in class planar magnetic driver
Custom silver-plated OCC premium cable
Semi-open design for widest, most accurate soundstage

Warranty is 1 year for parts, 3 years for drivers from date of purchase. Warranty is ONLY valid if product is purchased from an authorized dealer.

Style: In-ear, universal fit
Transducer type: Planar magnetic, semi-open
Magnetic structure: Fluxor™ magnetic array
Magnet type: Neodymium N50
Diaphragm type: Nano-scale Uniforce™
Transducer size: 30mm
Sensitivity: 105dB/1mW
Maximum power handling: 3W
Maximum SPL: >120dB
Frequency response: 5Hz - 50kHz
THD: <0.2%, full spectrum @ 100dB
Impredance: 35 Ohms +/-10%
Cable: 1.2 OCC silver-plated premium braided cable
Cable connectors: 3.5mm stereo plug input, 2-pin plug outputs
Weight: 12g (per side)