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The LCD-3 by Audeze combines leading-edge planar technology with ongoing design input from Sound Engineers and Audiophiles.

Audeze’s manufacturing process and advanced materials produce extremely accurate, incredible-sounding headphones.

These LCD-3 headphones come with two stock cables (4-pin XLR and 1/4"), woodcare oil, and a cleaning cloth in a clamshell carrying case.

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The Audeze LCD-3 provides the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range you will find in headphones. Through the dedication of their research and development team, they were able to take the best practices of the flagship LCD2 product and make the Audeze LCD3 planar magnetic diaphragm even thinner and control it through an even more efficient magnetic structure.

The ear cups of the LCD-3 are made from precision crafted, hand-selected Zebrano wood with sloped ear pads made premium lambskin leather. The Premium lambskin ear pads have been designed with specially crafted foam to offer the right amount of firmness and acoustical balance. With its intense color variation that ranges from light to dark the Zebra Wood (Zebrano) Complements the LCD-3s and was chosen specifically for its appearance, nothing matches the warmth and sheer luxury of natural wood.

Audeze's flagship headphone has literally been called the greatest headphone in the world. The LCD-3 features the longest voice-coil and the strongest driving force on its diaphragm. At the pinnacle of the LCD Collection, the LCD-3 delivers a dynamic sound and a wide, enveloping soundstage so you're emotionally connected to artist and music. For best performance the LCD-3 should be driven by high-quality external headphone amplifier or integrated amp. Impedance is 110 ohms.

The LCD-3 delivers the highest resolution music experience of all Audeze headphones. The sound is always musical, spacious, ultra-realistic, with powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top end that pulls you into the music. For the best results Audeze recommends pairing the LCD-3 with an external headphone amplifier.

When Audeze started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphones, the goal was very clear, it must be the best. No compromise when it comes to the quality of sound.

The LCD-3 provides the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range. Innovations Every Day. Audeze aspires to deliver extraordinary products through research.

The LCD-3 is packed with many innovative technologies and new approaches.

Audeze uses a proprietary thin-film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super-efficient push-pull magnetic structure.

The LCD-3 earcups are made of precision-crafted, hand-selected Zebra Wood (Zebrano). The sloped ear pads are made of premium lambskin leather, with specially molded foam to offer the right amount of firmness.


Head-Fi+ Review by Chris Martens, May 05, 2013

SoundStage! Xperience Review, Mar. 2014

Inner Fidelity Fazor Review by Tyll Hertsens, May 2014

"I tried a Moon Silver Dragon on my LCD3s (formerly using Black Dragons, which I liked a lot also).

1. Major improvement in the bass, which is clearer with more detail and more transparent and well integrated with rest of the spectrum.
2. More detail in the mids without any harshness or abrasion.
3. Highs nice and extended but not piercing; also fuller highs.

A superb cable for the LCD3s, now making them a top phone for me."

- Rick, 11/14/12

"There’s a reason we called Audeze’s LCD-3 the 'voice of god' headphones in our 2013 review. The decadent handcrafted headphones were less a set of headphones than a stationary listening apparatus designed to reproduce otherworldly sound. But with their mammoth size, hefty weight, and greedy power requirements, they weren’t going far from your listening room."

- Mark Cohen, Digital Trends

Package Includes

  • LCD-3 Headphones
  • Stock Cable with 4-pin XLR connector
  • Stock Cable with 1/4" connector
  • Wood Care Oil
  • Cleaning Cloth


Open circumaural
Transducer type
Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure
Proprietary push-pull design
Magnet type
Transducer active diaphragm area
39.8 cm2 (6.17 in2)
Maximum power handling
15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level
>130dB with 15W
Frequency response
5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion
<1% through entire frequency range
110 ohms
102dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement
1 – 4W

5.0 / 5.0
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What kind of sound signature are you seeking?
Wide Sound stage? The HIFIMAN HE400i. The sound signature on that sort of fit the description wide sound stage as instruments in my music sounding distant spread out a bit in front of me where I'm able to close my eyes and envision their location. I think this is probably good for orchestra music but not my kind of bass heavy, punchy music. Not to mention I play games and watch movies with my headphones. With a wide sound stage, it always sound like I'm far away from the action forcing me to crank up the volume but then distortion starts setting in.
Then I first started to realize that a wide sound stage doesn't appropriately fit everything. Then I got the Focal Elear which made my music sound more exciting as it had a lot of slam. The sound stage was much narrower making me feel closer to the action when gaming but it falls to pieces when the action and explosions get too intense in my games and movies. Then I tried the HIFIMAN EditionX. It had a wider sound stage but I still felt close enough to the action. The downside was that it didn't sound very exciting to me and, everything was detailed but sounded very ordinary. Then I had a problem with its rather expensive ear pads falling apart like it was cheap.
I heard Audeze LCD line of headphone had a very bass focused sound signature but lacked a wide sound stage. Prior to purchasing the Focal Elear, I've known this but many slammed it for having a narrow sound stage, though the Elear had the same problem, it was praised for its slam and the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable was recommended for it. This made is sound great at low levels but as bass kicks in at high volumes, it loses control of its driver which rattles in its housing.
I didn't want boring ordinary sound that one might call "uncolored" or "reference". I found I was more impressed when there is a sound signature like what the Elear had which made it exciting for music with its narrow intimate sound stage. I looked up a video review of the Audeze LCD-4 which I knew I wasn't ready to sink that much money into, but what a company focuses on in their flag ship product can give away a lot in their style. Audeze is not focused on reference though they do have a few products that appeals to those that seek just that. What they focused on for their flagship was bass and a sound signature the reviewer can only describe as an experience. Though it wasn't the reviewers cup of tea, he said the headphone listening experience isn't what he would call relaxing, it was like the headphone wanted to hurt him with a slam and bass that comes from place in his head he can't properly explain, and a sound stage that was more deep than it was wide. It was like the sound was coming from far ahead of you to close in front of you, and close behind you and then varying height. He had such a hard time describing the sound signature but he was able to clearly say the bass hammered into his brain in an impact-full manner. I wanted this experience, so I looked up reviews for the LCD-3 which I can see myself being able to afford at this time, though in the future I may take up interest with the LCD-4 again when finances are in a better place.
The reviews of the LCD-3 claimed that it is bass focused with decent mids but lacks in sparkle highs, but the LCD-2 was more balanced cheaper closer to reference. To me that meant the LCD-2 was boring and would just be the same as the HIFIMAN EditionX, when I can alleviate a lot of the LCD-3's problem areas with a good cable. Too much treble, fatigues my ears so this wasn't a problem for me. Not to mention I've learned the Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable helps mitigate its shortcomings as it bring out the LCD-3's highs a bit more, solidifies its mids and and controls its bass. I feel like it sounds amazing as the bass and kick drums have so much airy impact, and the vocals are still present without being recessed and there is just enough clean sparkle to not fatigue my ears. The music has slam similar to the Elear but hits harder without getting distorted. Games and movies sound exciting, as everything sound like they are an appropriate distance around me. When the action gets real heavy, the headphones maintain its control and delivers. Yes the sound stage is narrow and intimate but it is also deep as I hear things in front, behind and above me, so there are some elevation involved as well. If you are curious about my DAC\Amplifier, I have a Questyle CMA600i. I feel like I'm hitting the limits of my DAC with the LCD-3, but I've read in the forums that the CMA600i is more of an impressive headphone amplifier than actual DAC. I may look into getting a pure DAC to compliment the CMA600i in the future as I feel this headphone have more to give.
So you will enjoy these headphones if a wide sound stage is not what you are seeking. If you just want an impact-full, exciting listening experience, then this may just be the headphone for you.
July 11, 2019
2 months ago
The most beautiful headphone i ever owned
If you haven't heard the Audeze LCD 3 then you are missing the most important part of your setup.
Oh by the way i owen 6 major headphones but that LCD3 takes the crown.
And moon audio are awesome and they help me quick when it took long during delivery.. so Thank you moon audio and for sure going back soon
Simple setup
Simple setup
May 1, 2019
7 months ago
My favorite
I guess I like the Audeze “house sound”. These are easily my favorite enjoy the music headphones. I have several great headphones. I like the lighter Ether 2 or Focal headphones for bing watching tv, maybe even the Mobius if getting rid of the cable appeals to me that session. But for just getting into the music, I’ll grab the LCD 3.
May 1, 2019
11 months ago
�ok g��l�, harika bir ses. sahnesinin biraz daha geni? olmas?n? isterdim
April 24, 2018
The Best Headphone available.
Paired with Black Dragon Premium, Wow!

Oppo Ha-1 and Schiit Amp the sound is out of this world.
October 24, 2015
It's been a while since I'm using LCD3 with Hugo. I got both from Moon Audio along with their fabulous silver dragon for LCD3.

the stock cables those come with LCD3 are of very poor quality. LCD3 is heavy, its ear cups doesn't have good ventilation, so, not a good headphone for long listening session.

but thats all the bad about LCD3, remaining are just praise.

LCD3 has unbelievable bass and mids, its so gorgeous that, my senn HD650 sounds dry next to it. Some people complain about the treble roll off and consider it as a dark sounding. IMO, it is not true. treble is precise but not so legendary as bass/mids. Most likely our sensation is stolen by bass/mids and we overlook the treble.

I was torn down between Senn HD800 and LCD3, I'm happy that, i went for LCD3.

Again, thanks Moon Audio for their great service.
May 23, 2015
I've been listening to the LCD-3 w/ Fazor and Silver Dragon V3 cable for a couple months now. Previously I'd been listening to HD 800s with a hard wired balanced cable and it sounded fabulous - till now.
The LCD-3 + Silver Dragon just blows the HD 800 away!
September 3, 2014
Silver Dragon is the BEST cable for Audeze LCD-3's.
I got a Moon Audio Silver Dragon headphone cable (balanced with Furutech Rhodium XLR connectors) and this is absolutely a great cable for the LCD3's, especially improving the control, detail, speed, texture, and transparency of the bass.
I always try to get my phones to the point where nothing in any frequency "stands out" unnaturally, and the Silver Dragons do this perfectly to the LCD3's.
The imaging is now more rounded and there is more of a sense of open space.
Vocals, instruments, percussion, you name it, are full of life, unclouded, but not painful in the least. Piano (something I always concentrate on) is gorgeous and resonant but not sloppy or full of overhang.
I spent several hours testing the new cables with a variety of music with the LCD3s , which formerly could be sometimes a little thumpy or opaque, and now all is well.
Over the last year, I kept thinking, well, the LCD3's are good, but maybe future LCD4's will improve things, but that idea has left my mind with the improvement from the Silver Dragon cable.
I tried some other well known cables and only the Silver Dragon could perform so well.
December 18, 2012
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