Siren Series Black Dragon Upgrade Cable

Astell & Kern Dragon Audio Cables

Black Dragon IEM V2

The JH Audio Sirens aren’t the only ones to get a makeover for the Astell & Kern collaboration. Our infamous Black Dragon unveils a new look and feel that you expect from JH Audio but with an amazingly warm yet detailed soundstage.

Dragon upgrade from JH Audio

How is Black Dragon IEM V2 different from the Siren Series stock cable?

This new design is a stranded, silver plated copper design and not similar to the silver plated tinsel wire used in the JH Audio stock cables. The purity and density of our conductors are far superior & much more expensive to design, engineer and produce.

You will be amazed at the sound quality improvements over the JH Audio stock cables.

JH Audio and Dragon headphone cables
If your cable has the JH Audio Flying Girl then it is the stock cable that is made out of silver plated tinsel wire. The cable with the Moon Audio Dragon Head is the premium silver plated copper design.

Do I have to use the Black Dragon IEM V2 with Astell & Kern Music players?

No. The Black Dragon IEM V2 comes in several options for your various needs.

1. A 2.5mm balanced 4 pole gold straight mini plug (Astell & Kern Music Players).

2. A 3.5mm straight or right angled 3 pole stereo single ended connection (Most common portable devices).

3. A 3.5mm TRRS straight or right angled mini plug (HiFiMan HM-901 or Sony NW-ZX2).

4. A RSA balanced male connector (ALO, Centrance, Cypher Labs & Ray Sammuels amps - See Amp Connection Guide for detail).

NOTE: The stock cable that comes with Siren Series IEMs is NOT a Silver Dragon cable!

Moon Audio and Siren Series OEM cables

Moon Audio Hears the Sirens Call

Here’s the reality - earphone cables are normally an afterthought for earphone and IEM manufacturers. Naturally, their concerns revolve around the IEMs themselves focusing on driver and shell design. The importance lies within the earphone technology as opposed to the accessories that aid in the IEM’s performance.

Astell & Kern Rosie

This is where Moon Audio comes into play. We specialize in crafting custom cables to improve multitudes of headphones, earphones and audio gear. We were approached by JH Audio and Astell & Kern to design the stock cables that are now included in all new Sirens Series models. These stock cables are not Dragon cables as noted above.

It is a big deal to include a cable manufacturer in the creation of the stock cable for an IEM. Now you can get the entire package where everything about the IEM is considered. You have the JH Audio Sirens Series that are perfectly tuned for Astell & Kern music players, as well as the now improved Sirens Series stock cables that Moon Audio helped design.

JH Audio, Astell & Kern AND Moon Audio: A match made in Heaven.