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The humankind requires advancement. If you want to improve your audio-life, glimpse into the stello HP100 / S100 MKII by April Music.

The renowned stello 100 is reborn as the MKII series after five years of slumber. During its absence, April Music has been dedicated to designing the next generation of high-performance series. Your choice of discretion is the stello HP100 / S100 MKII series.

Stello S100 MKII / HP100 Review - Jan. 2017


The chassis design of audio devices reflects largely on the musicality and human emotion. Alex Rasmussen, a celebrated and illustrious designer, created stello HP100 / S100 MKII enclosure by applying his design trademark of artistry and refinement.

Components / Workmanship

Discrete and superior circuit designs mirror the exact sum of their parts. The high fidelity of HiFi is based on the purity and fidelity of applied componentry. The stello HP100 / S100 MKII utilize such premium materials.

Musical life is based on attaining the gratification of all human senses. Hearing is essential, but touching and feeling are just as significant.

Advanced circuitry and attractive chassis are reflected in refined and dedicated workmanship. The MKII casing is superbly constructed in Santa Barbara, California, revealing the beauty and solidity of fine craft and conjuring the anticipation of sophisticated sound. The stello HP100 / S100 MKII are the culmination of such devotion.


The mastery of April Music lies in fine tuning of reproduced sound. The stello MKII is characterized by balanced, natural and pure sound and finely detailed musicality. Big orchestral music is portrayed of delicate violin to thundering Tympani.

From Strings to Brass to Vocals to Electronic instruments, the stello HP100 / S100 MKII series will deliver the dynamics of live sound and transport you to the haven of music.

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Brand April Music

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Main Features & Attributes

Defying its small dimensions, the S100 MKII will provide you with highly desirable sound in deep and wide soundstage, speedy dynamics with power grip and amazing poise. Regardless of size the loudspeaker, the S100 MKII will drive your system to the fullest potential.


Neutrality, balance and harmony are the stated goal of the S100 MKII. The smooth but lively sound makes it easy to enjoy music.


Elegant simplicity of design applied by Alex Rasmussen speaks volume to S100 MKII’s musical and emotional confidence. The modest but solid finish minimizes numerous restrictions, enabling it to achieve superior sound.


The S100 MKII amp is designed to match any partnering equipment. But, when mated to the HP100 MKII Headphone / Preamp, the system will reach the optimal performance. And, be it bookshelf or floor-standing, the amp will drive practically any loudspeaker design. The preferred sound will differ from person to person, but start with the Continental European to British to American loudspeaker design in that order and you will achieve the absolute sound.

Absolute Performance

Tuned by April Music for optimal transparency and clarity, the S100 MkII will create the new world of music with excellent balance and dynamic harmony.

Line Inputs

1 pair of unbalanced input
1 pair of balanced input

Input Impedance

68 kOhms

Speaker Output

1 pair

Power Output

50 Watts / Ch at 8 Ohms

Frequency Response

10 Hz ~ 45 kHz

Signal to Noise

10 Hz ~ 20 kHz, -100 dB
THD+N : 0.002%, at 10 Watts

Power Transformer

specially built toroidal


8.6 × 2.12 × 11 inch (WHD), 219 × 54 × 296 mm (WHD)

Weight (NET)

8.82 lb, 4.37 Kg

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