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April Music Stello Ai700 Integrated Amplifier


April Music

Moon Audio

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NEW The April Music Stello Ai700 Amplifier scales to new heights in integrated amplifier performance and industrial design.

The Stello Ai700 is an advanced statement in applied engineering and hand-crafted in a beautiful chassis aimed at leading the listener to enjoy that very elusive musical nirvana.

"Opening the chapter on class D, the Stello Ai700 shows how power efficiency and upscale sonics no longer have to be mutually exclusive by design. If you want a meaty, very powerful push/pull type sound that's super friendly, accessible, zero maintenance, dead quiet, casually detailed—i.e. very but not pin-point resolved—and integrated to reduce box and cable clutter whilst being built exceptionally well...well, this latest April Music machine really has it all!"  Srajan Ebaen

DigitalAudioReview.net RMAF 2012 

The Absolute Sound RMAF 2012

Stereophile RMAF 2012



Accomplished and sublime. April Music scales to new heights in integrated amplifier performance and design. The Stello Ai700 is an advanced statement in applied engineering and hand-crafted in a beautiful chassis aimed at leading the listener to enjoy that very elusive musical nirvana.

April Music has invested almost two full years to complete Stello Ai700. The amplifier has a power output 2 x 500W into 8 ohm to drive any given speakers. Stello Ai700 is amplified by two ICEpower250ASX2 modules which feature audiophile audio quality, significantly low heat dissipation, a very compact size and an exceptional power-to-size ratio.

Stello Ai700 was presented at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 in Denver. www.theabsolutesound.com listened to the amp at the show and commented: “I almost hate to admit this but the Martens [speakers] and that dinky April amp were simply gorgeous-sounding on Joan Sutherland’s soprano voice! The combo then proceeded to show superb transparency, neutrality, detail, bass, imaging, and realism on Blue Tofu. Guitar Gabriel? The most lifelike I’ve heard since the Scaenas at CES.”

This was the starting point of the “Stello Ai700" project in wanting to 'Bring Your Music Back To Life': 

-  Simple configuration, yet a high-end sound for all to enjoy.

-  Wide dynamic range and powerful drive for almost all loudspeakers at home.

-  Reproduction of delicate detail and realistic nuance of the source recording.

-  No heavy chassis. Not too much heat. Can run 24hrs/365 days.

The achievement of the above-mentioned factors within a simple box is not easy. But April Music have invested almost two full years to make this mission complete. The most updated ICE power module ASX250 (like the gifted Eximus S1) is used per channel, each with a bridged mono mode to output 500W at an 8ohm load, to drive any given speaker without fatigue.

April Music have devised the huge and delicate input buffer stage with separate power supply to make the sonic characters not like the other so-called class D amplfiers, but close to class A or A/B amps. None other than Alex Rasmussen of Neal Feay designed and machined the chassis in Santa Barbara, CA. So, with the Ai700, you can get the power, dynamics and the musicality. It is simple and equally beautiful looking at the same time.


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Additional Info

  • Analog Input and Output
    On the back side of Ai 700, it is consisted with 2 sets of balanced line input (XLR) and 3 sets of unbalanced line input (RCA) and one set of balanced jack (XLR) and one set of unbalanced jack (RCA) for using Ai 700 as a power amplifier (BYPASS Mode). Also, it contains one set of PRE OUT unbalanced terminal (RCA) for using it as a Preamp.
    The balanced (XLR) input of Ai 700 is a full balanced structure.
  • Digital Volume Control
    Ai 700 controls volume with a full balanced structure by using two stereo digital volume ICs with one for each channel.
  • Accepting COM (Controlled Oscillating Modulator) and MECC (Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control) which are the most advanced core design technology for D class amplifiers, it is designed a high-end level circuit that combines the performance surpassing CLASS AB and the latest semiconductor device technology.
  • It guarantees the high-performance sound quality by adopting the CS3310 analog Atheros of Crystal Semiconductor.
  • By adopting a circuit that is consisted with fully discrete elements, the signal driving of the power amplifier ensures improvement in sound quality.
  • Power Supply
    Custom designed toroidal power transformer only for the input buffer
    Very low output impedance
    100~117V/220~240V for line voltage selection
  • Quality of Parts
    Resistance with 1% of precision
    Premium quality condenser with polypropylene material and audio only AL condenser
    Various connectors of industrial grade
  • PCB Design
    Minimized the noise interference by separately designing digital and analog circuits


FREQUENCY RANGE 20Hz-20kHz(+/-0.5dB)
THD+N 0.003% at 1W
INPUT IMPEDANCE - Unbalance 100 KOhms
- Balance 1 MOhms
ANALOG INPUTS - Unbalanced 3 X RCA
- Balanced 1 X XLR
- Unbalance Bypass 1 X RCA
- Balance Bypass 1 X XLR
ANALOG OUTPUTS Speaker 1 X Banana/Spade Plug
FRONT DISPLAY 14 Segment Alphanumeric Red LED
FRONT PANEL Power on/off Push Button Switch
Power LED
B1, B2, U1, U2, U3, BYPASS, MUTE, Rotary Volume Encoder
Full Function Remote  
AC POWER REQUIREMENT 100/117/220(230)/240V, 50 or 60 Hz
DIMENSION 432 x 88 x 396 (WHD) mm
WEIGHT 10.5kg (NET)


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