Uncle Al

Official Ambassador

Audio in Aerospace

Favorite Genre / Artist: rock, classic hits, caribbean-reggae, dance/techno, instrumental, jazz

Favorite Audio Gear: Sennheiser HD800

Lives In: USA

Website: www.hifiguy528.com

Uncle Al

"Although my passion is audiophile listening, I am a geek by nature and skilled in design engineering, including audio processing."

Why Uncle Al is an Ambassador

Uncle Al is a self professed nerd who believes in sharing his true passion for music and audiophile listening with the world.

He evolved from the investigative field of oil and gas exploration due to his diligence in a 15 year pursuit of aerospace engineering. This resulted in the award of three patents in airborne recording / communications, safety systems and commercial aircraft tracking.

Al's interests date back to high school electronics and the ham radio club, where he admired the accomplishments of Thomas Edison and his hero, Albert Einstein. During this time, Al scavenged old electronics gear to experiment and repurpose them in solid state and tube amplifier designs.

Al is quick to acknowledge that he is still evolving in his quest for music, and equipment advances to enhance his, and through this medium, your enjoyment. “We're all on this journey together”, he explains, “and I am proud to work with Moon Audio, because they understand and share our passion.”

We Love Uncle Al because...

He is passionate about his career, his hobby and it's obvious that whatever he pursues, he does with absolute intensity and zeal.

We look forward to learning more about his musical quests and possibly guiding him to enjoy some of our favorite genres as well. We also love that he repurposes audio gear and we look forward to his pursuit and sharing his passion with us.

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