Moon Audio Ambassador Tyler Elston

Official Ambassador Tyler Elston


Favorite Genre / Artist: Rock / Pop / Hip-Hop / Seether / Chevelle / Pretty much anything except opera

Favorite Audio Gear: Aurisonics ASG2.0 IEM’s and my old Yulong Audio DA8 AMP/DAC

Lives In: Michigan - USA

Tyler Elston

"I’m on a never ending search for the perfect work place headphone audio setup and home headphone audio setup."

Why Tyler is an Ambassador

Growing up, car audio was a hobby of mine. I started researching and learning the mechanics and physics behind sound waves, how they travel, how different materials affect them, and how to install/fix things.

As a Network Engineer, I owned a website that was dedicated to all things IT related. The website had originally started as a project for school while I finished my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems. I had worked with several software companies to review products and do giveaways on my site throughout its lifetime. One day a friend of mine had a great idea to expand into the headphone audio world and start working with them to do reviews.

Before I started reaching out to headphone manufacturers I purchased my Fiio E6 and LOD for my iPhone and a pair of Shure SRH750DJ headphones. From there, everything just snowballed.

I reached out to VMODA, Grado, Gorilla Ears, YuLong Audio, and several other companies who were all eager to work with me based on past work I had done with software vendors and they donated several pieces of equipment for me to test, play with, and write reviews on. It was then that I had realized a lot of the same principles that can be applied in car audio also effected headphones.

Throughout college my Fiio and Shure’s got me through a lot of endless study sessions and programming all-nighters. Luckily my profession also allows me to continue this passion, as such I’m on a never ending search for the perfect work place headphone audio setup and home headphone audio setup.

We Love Tyler because...

We love that Tyler has had a long time passion for all things audio. We definitely know how far a good setup can go with all of those college all-nighters :)

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