Timothy Gates Jr.

Official Ambassador Timothy Gates Jr.


Favorite Genre / Artist: Electronic/Jazz/Rock: Dzihan & Kamien/Boards of Canada/Tosca/Air/Incubus/Beck/

Favorite Audio Gear: Audio Technica AD900x and Fiio E09k

Lives In: Franklin, TN - USA

Timothy Gates Jr.

"It's very, very exciting to hear something I've never head before simply by changing audio equipment. It breathes new life into my favorite music."

Why Tim is an Ambassador

This married father of two is a novice audiophile. His tastes are evolving and his equipment choices are advancing in scope and price range from when he first began a couple of years ago.

We Love Tim because...

We are addicted to hearing the never before heard nuances in music. We try, test and create audio cables and modify headphones and new audio gear daily. We are thrilled have Tim breeds enthusiasm about hifi audio discovery and new music. We look forward to learning more about his discoveries and how contributes to our #musicisamovement.

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