Tim Gunn

Official Ambassador Tim Gunn


Favorite Genre / Artist: Electronic / Jazz / Rock: Dzihan & Kamien / Boards of Canada / Tosca / Air / Incubus / Beck

Favorite Audio Gear: Audio Technica AD900x and Fiio E09k

Lives In: Franklin, TN

Tim Gunn

"It's very, very exciting to hear something [in my music] I've never head before simply by changing equipment. It breathes new life into my favorite music."

Why Tim is an Ambassador

I am married and a father of 2 children. I am a novice audiophile but my tastes are evolving and my equipment choices are advancing in scope and price range from when I first began a couple of years ago.

We love Tim because...

We love that he is a father of two that yearns to teach his children about his love of audiophilia and music. We started Moon Audio with an absolute passion for music and sound and with a huge belief and knowledge that cables make a huge difference in sound quality. Tim's yearning to learn more, encourages us that audiophiles love to give back, learn and share as they inch toward their individualized, audio bliss.

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