Ambassador Rules of the Road

Official Moon Audio Ambassador

Please follow these simple rules as a Moon Audio Ambassador.

Rule #1: The Golden Rule Applies

Treat people within the Moon Audio community how you want to be treated.

Rule #2: Think Before you Speak

Please be respectful with all conversations online via social, reviews AND any other written text.

Rule #3: Live within the 3 S's

Don't STEAL, SPAM or overSELL.

Rule #4: Put In / Take Out

Successful online communities are like banks, be sure to put in more than you take out.

Rule #5: Price is no Object

Price discussions should be left out of all reviews & posts. Affordability is not the same for everyone so let's keep it under wraps.

Rule #6: When In Doubt, ASK

It's easy to ask a question about anything, please email us direct at [email protected].