Paul Dmitryev

Official Ambassador Paul Dmitryev

Sound Addicted

Favorite Genre / Artist: Rock / Nightwish (for now)

Favorite Audio Gear: Lear BD4.2 with Resonessence Labs Concero HP

Lives In: Mykolaiv, Ukraine


Paul Dmitryev, a.k.a @cleg

"My biggest pleasure is to find a new gear, evaluate it and describe it for other people, looking for getting a quality in sound."

Why Paul is an Ambassador

Paul has been reviewing hifi gear for some time now, holding a strong presence in the Russian-speaking audiophile circles.

Recently, Paul has started his progression into a wider audio realm by joining and contributing to Head-Fi and becoming a Moon Audio Ambassador. "I think the good company of other ambassadors will help me to improve and further my high end audio knowledge and further my expertise," Paul Dmitryev.

We Love Paul because...

We are always proud to help support and spread the passion of music and hifi audio. We are thrilled to help Paul continue his discovery of great hifi gear, headphones, music and communities.

Latest Reviews:

CEntrance HiFi-M8

CEntrance HiFi-M8

I had a dream. A dream of portable, but powerful amplifier, that will be able to drive even power hungry headphones with great authority and confidence. And luckily, I've found such amplifier, moreover, it's a DAC also, and that's $700 CEntrance HiFi M8.

I don't like "sandwiches", made of player and amplifier or DAC, I think there are many good DAPs on the market you can use on the go. So, for me, "portable" amplifier means that I can easily take it with me. In my backpack. And use it with my laptop wherever I stop for work. So, big size and weight of HiFi-M8 doesn't bother me (and it's pretty big).

Big size is necessary for this unique device to deliver it's great power. On high gain it is able to output up to 1.4 watts to 32