Pat Szkarlat

Official Ambassador Pat Szkarlat

Music Snob

Favorite Genre / Artist: Everything! / k.d.lang / James / U2 / Morrissey / Hammock / Placebo / Tori Amos / Madonna / Nirvana / Radiohead / Garbage

Favorite Audio Gear: DNA Sonett tube headphone amp, Grado HF-2 headphones

Lives In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Pat Szkarlat, a.k.a @ipatski

"At head-fi meets, I've had my male counterparts react with...awe and surprise at just what my ears can pick up.

I don't know if it's because I'm female, or because I have ridiculously good hearing, or both!"

Why Pat is an Ambassador

Women hear more! Just kidding. Pats love for music came at around the age of 5. Her brothers listened to classic rock: The Doors, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Elvis and many more made up her childhood musical memories. Hi-fi gear wasnt a stranger either and she remembers an expensive audio rack full of black equipment, green LED's, knobs, switches, and intimidating speakers. Blasting U2s Achtung Baby on this setup was a favorite pastime! Pat became an enormous K.D. Lang fan at the age of 10, and this is what spoiled her on incredible vocals with smooth tone and a depth to die for. Pat proudly refers to herself as a music snob, and some adult choices in music changed her forever!

Her first audiophile purchase was a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10's. They ruined me', she remembers not so fondly! Thus, this began the extensive process of re-ripping her entire CD collection into Apple Lossless format. Upgrade-itis got the best of her, but when she heard Grados limited HF-2 headphones, she knew she had to sell everything just to get them! Headamps Pico DAC made her jaw drop when she could very clearly hear Tori Amos background vocals on Caught a Light Sneeze. Donald North sent her a demo DNA Sonett tube amp, and she listened to tunes using it for over 8 hours! SOLD!!! This completed the synergistic setup she desired!

We Love Pat because...

We love it when women are super passionate about audiophile quality sound and headphones. Pat clearly has that passion for everything we are celebrating with our campaign of #musicisamovement.

Audio runs deep in her veins and her enthusiasm and knowledge caught our attention right away. Her relentless enthusiasm for "re-ripping her cd's to lossless" music is very impressive. We at Moon Audio listen in lossless all day long as it provides the best sound and an optimum testing ground for our custom audio cables, headphone modifications and audio gear.

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