Noah Yedigarian

Official Ambassador Noah Yedigarian


Favorite Genre / Artist: Jazz, classical and rock / Billy Idol, Norah Jones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan

Favorite Audio Gear: Sennheiser HD 800 & Astell&Kern AK240

Lives In: Vienna, Virgina - USA

Noah Yedigarian

"The day I listened to the Sennheiser HD800s, I fell in love with the precision and the impact it was able to deliver. The HD 800 tore up the 44.Khz FLAC file and spit it out like it was nothing; I could literally hear the notes in between the strings."

Why Noah is an Ambassador

For several years I have had a growing interest in the audiophile world. To this day my interest is still as powerful as it once was. The day I listened to the Sennheiser HD800s, I fell in love with the precision and the impact it was able to deliver. The HD 800 tore up the 44.Khz FLAC file and spit it out like it was nothing; I could literally hear the notes in between the strings. After this wonderful experience, I have been assisting audio enthusiasts like myself, in finding the correct pair of headphones which will suit their preferences. My passion for music occasionally makes me fall into silent tears of joy, while listening to music, for experiencing the clarity in vocals and treble towards the upper end of the sound spectrum. My pursuit is to expand my knowledge about audio, and to become more capable of helping those I can reach. Our experience and knowledge is limited which is the reason why I feel as though we need to broaden our horizons. I am very grateful for being elected as the Moon-Audio Ambassador, because I can now fulfill my dream of helping others efficiently.

In addition to audio, I am also a talented hands-on working man, influenced by my father who was a mechanical engineer. Whenever possible I try my best to become involved with fixing things around the house, electrical circuitries, repairing bikes, etc. I have a tendency to look at the infrastructure of the overall object. For instance, in my everyday life, I will imagine how each individual part works together with the remaining pieces to achieve a particular function. I dont necessarily examine each object I come across but, when there is something that stands out more than the rest, I imagine how the blueprint would have looked like. With this in mind I am always prepared for the worst.

Last month I began re-teaching myself the piano, while in search for a piano tutor. I was once able to play the drums and piano. As years passed by my skills in playing instruments diminished because of a lack of daily practice. My goal is to become more talented in playing the piano than I once was when I was child. Instrumental music has always caught my attention, because I own instruments that I am able to compare them to such as my piano and drums.

When it comes to posting reviews online I am in no means an expert writer from The New York Times. I have assisted close to ten people globally with finding the correct equipment. I assist them by sending them my thoughts and reviews of multiple products that they have gravitated towards. I come across people like this through family, friends, and randomly finding someone on Youtube and HeadFi. The first man I assisted lived in Iraq and was unable to purchase headphones directly from the manufacturers due to shipping costs, which was one of the few hurdles we had to overcome. I am willing to pursue many more hurdles like the last, and allow my talents to expand and grow in every possible way.

My most preferred genres are jazz, classical and rock music. I feel as though we are able to put headphone setups at the utmost power when playing high resolution lossless audio files with rock or classical music playing. This of course depends on the equiptment, due to some headphones and amps sounding stronger in certain genres of music perhaps r&b or rap, but in my own personal opinion you dont receive the same quality of music when listening to Miley Cyrus, Nickie Minaj, etc. My favorite artist are Billy Idol, Norah Jones, Aero Smith, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and many more classics that we would all like to hear more from. I have attended a few HeadFi meets in the D.C. area. My utmost favorite audio gear would have to be the Sennheiser HD 800s. The clarity from is beautiful and that is my most common references to when comparing products. Along with that my favorite audio player is the AK240, blowing your mind in every way.

We Love Noah because...

Noah's urge to share his knowledge of audio with others is infectious at such a young age. As he continues to explore, learn and develop in this hobby and his career, we look forward to watching him instruct others from his unique perspective as a musican. We look forward to hearing more from you very soon, Noah!

Latest Review:

Sennheiser HD700

Sennheiser HD700

The HD700 is one of Sennheisers latest open back headphone production models. The HD700 is aesthetically pleasing and has many sound characteristics which are quite attractive. The headband is constructed from multilayer vibration damping materials which lower any possible cross talk from ear cup to ear cup. The ear pads are built from a high quality microfiber surface which is very comfortable. The HD700 has the perfect amount of head clamping pressure, allowing you to extend your long listening sessions, without any discomfort involved.

The Sennheiser HD700 tore up the 44.Khz FLAC files and spit it out as if it were nothing. During the very deep listening session, the most spurring point about these headphones was that they were fully capable of organizing and laying out the instruments in the song Dream On, By Aerosmith. This allowed me to identify whether the artist was in front, behind, to our left, or to our right. Simply put, for the given price, the sonic performance and separation of instruments, was highly admirable. These headphones would be best suited for the audience in search of dark bass with a roaring thump along with a very detailed upper range of the highs in the treble. Speaking of treble the treble from these Cans were satisfying but the highs, oh the highs, were undeniably gorgeous. Having the strong feeling of the presence of a live band is exceptional, but being on stage with the guitarist, singer, and drummer is a whole new world which is what these headphones are capable of delivering. The HD700 are one of the most forgiving and ear-fatigue free headphones on the market to this date. The strong influence of the bass is a great benefit factor for those seeking audio enjoyment for countless hours in one sitting. During my ownership of these headphones, it was clear to me that these headphones sound significantly more colored than its younger siblings, the HD600 and HD650. As a note, the HD700s are much more attractive sounding with Moon-Audios dedicated external amplifiers. Adding these amplifiers to your collection is highly recommended as the impedance level of these HD700 headphones is approximately 150ohms.

— Noah Yedigarian

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