Moon Audio Ambassador Matthew Jens

Official Ambassador Matt Jens


Favorite Genre / Artist:

Favorite Audio Gear: Sennheiser HD800, Denon D5000, Unique Melody MERLIN, La Figaro 339, Matrix Mini-i Pro DSD, FiiO X5

Lives In: Australia

Matt Jens

"I'm a live sound, lighting and vision technician, and lighting designer. In my free time, I enjoy reviewing and discussing headphones, and accessories related to portable audiophilia."

Why Matt is an Ambassador

Matt's love of all things high end audio is exciting and infectious to all music lovers. As a live audio engineer, an audio technician, and an audiophile, he has such a unique perspective for the community. When he's not working at live events, he is reviewing and discussing audio products online and sharing his passion with others.

We Love Matt because...

He spends his spare time with his friends, practicing martial arts, volunteering in his local community (assisting the vision impaired), rollerblading, or researching home & professional audio products. We love people who care for human beings and each of our unique perspectives in life. Thank you, Matt for having such a caring heart for others in your community.

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