Martin W. Smith

Official Ambassador Martin W. Smith

Jazz Fanatic

Favorite Genre / Artist: Jazz / Miles Davis

Favorite Audio Gear: Shure SE846 Headphones and the Silver Dragon V1 IEM Shure headphone cable

Lives In: Durham, NC - USA


Martin W. Smith, a.k.a @ScentTrail

"Did you know there is a string section in All I Want Is You by U2? Neither did I, until I listened with the Shure SE846 andSilver Dragon V1 IEM headphone cable. The clarity of those strings is what I love about Silver Dragon cables."

Why Marty is an Ambassador

Marty is a Moon Audio Ambassador because he is passionate about music. He has been a customer of Moon Audio since 2012 when he started chemo (again) and he needed some new portable headphones. He listened during his chemo treatments to give him hope and serenity that only comes when he listens to his favorite artist, Miles Davis. He used his Shure SE425 headphones for about 18 months before he heard about the Silver Dragon. This is when his idea of cables and the difference they made, changed, with the entrance of strings and what he heard THIS time when listening to U2.

We Love Marty because...

He is a music lover, artist, writer and such a hopeful soul. His transparency online on any topic he blogs about is always open and available. His hopes, dreams, aspirations and love of internet marketing is also a passion of his. He has worked for P&G, M&M/Mars, and Martin has created 4 companies generating gross revenues greater than $16,000,000 with as the largest (now RIP). He writes about Internet marketing, web design and startups for Technorati and on the ScentTrail Marketing blog. Marty has thousands of friends who follow him on his Scenttrail blog from all over the world.

Latest Review:

Fostex TH900 Silver Dragon

Fostex TH900

Pat Metheny's undeniable upbeat music was THERE in my head thanks to Fostex and Moon Audio's Silver Dragons. Each chord helped me escape current surroundings at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio. The James is beautiful, but escape is needed. Having cancer means finding small moments of escape. Moments when your body is in one place your spirit and mind another. On this day Metheny's Bright Sized Life and New Chautauqua transported me to a warm beach with a cool breeze.

Music is so important. Music liberates, transforms and energizes. Every one of those ideas feels under ATTACK when the Big C comes to town. Life feels taken away and placed into a monster's control. The monster can appear invincible. Music helps create tiny victories. Music sounding so intimate, immediate and clear as a ringing bell on a cold winter morning was brought to my ears by Fostex TH900 headphones and Silver Dragon audio cables from friends at

At least I think that is what was happening. I remember a long beach with sounds of birds, waves and fish jumping as a cool breeze caressed my ears with guitar, bass and drums. All five senses were engaged. There was a hint of lime and the smell of cancer cured, dreams realized and happiness found. "Mr. Smith, are you awake," the nurse asked. "Not even a little bit," I answered slipping my Fostex & Dragons off after she shook my arm asking the question for a second time.

— Marty Smith

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