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Moon Audio Ambassador Markus Petersson

Official Ambassador

Markus Petersson

a.k.a @skalkddody

Favorite Genre / Artist: Opera / Classical / Jazz / Blues / Fusion / Calypso / Rock / Metal / Electronica.

Favorite Audio Gear: InEar Stagediver SD-2, high quality cables and great amplification.

Lives In: Bromölla, Skåne, Sweden

Markus Petersson


Musical quotes

"It doesn't matter how great your system is, it will never truly shine without great cables. Amplification is a big one also, but if the cables coming from and to the amplifier are crap it won't matter how amazing of an amplifier it is."

Why Markus is an Ambassador

I am already an ambasador of the hi/head-fi culture and answer questions on the daily. I live audio and give it to others with poetic nuance. Like a stream transforming into rapids, the longer I stay in it the more likely you are to drown but just before you die you feel peace by knowing that excellence followed you in. To say is to promise, to hear is to believe. Audio gives a bridge into one's mind that would otherwise be burnt. By further diving into audio, you will also dive further into yourself.

We love Markus because...

He is a music lover after our own hearts. "It doesn't matter how great your system is, it will never truly shine without great cables..." We couldn't agree more. We started Moon Audio with an absolute passion for music and sound and with a huge belief and knowledge that cables make a huge difference in sound quality. Markus' way of describing audio is like none other we seen thus far. His poetic audiophilia leaves us wanting to HEAR more....

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