Makiah Shenay

Official Ambassador Makiah Shenay

a.k.a @M_Shenay

Favorite Genre / Artist: Classical to Electronic Dance Music. So in short, I love it all!

Favorite Audio Gear: Hifiman HM901 with Line Out accessory

Lives In: South Carolina - USA


Makiah Shenay

"I'm a big fan of both open and closed back headphones, in addition I'm also a huge fan of both portable and at home set ups! I love having the ability to listen to top quality music both at home and on the go!"

Why Makiah is an Ambassador

I've always had a love for music. I grew up listening to my Father play his acoustic 12 String so we always had music in our house. Growing up, I listened to mostly main stream genres like Classic Rock n Roll, a little House and some pop. We had a little bit of Jazz in our house too and my Mother loved country!

What got me into HiFi audio though, if you can believe it, was Drum N Bass. My first rig was a Zune HD a Sony XB 700 and a Fiio E6, back then my biggest concern was bass, I needed more, had to have more and couldn't get enough. That's what lead me to head-fi.

However, something changed in me. After spending a year with my XB 700's, I started to grow tired of bass. I was still listening to a lot of my favorite bands with my XB 700, But got to the point where I was out growing the sound signature. I started comparing how my XB 700 sounded to real instruments and started looking for what I was missing out on in my music.

So to that end, I once again was on the hunt for a new headphone. This time I wanted something balanced, something that would let me explore the full spectrum. This lead me to the DT 880: a headphone that was notorious for needing an amp. So it was the DT 880 that really pulled me into High Fidelity audio. I began exploring all of the options, from rolling tubes in my Indeed G3 Hybrid Tube amp, to swapping out OP amps in my Matrix M stage. I'd caught the Audophile bug, and was having a great time just exploring, listening and hearing the differences.

And so here I am today, in the position of an Ambassador for Moon Audio!

As much as I like to explore and grow myself, I love having the chance to help others find Audio Bliss as it were. Not everyone is going to have the chance to explore the options like I have, so I love giving my feedback to those who are new to the Audiophile Scene.

At the end of the day, my goal is helping anyone and everyone I can enjoy music at whatever level they desire! To that end, I like to learn as much as I can. It's not enough to accept that something sounds good, but I love learning why it sounds good!

Sadly I don't have a favorite single headphone or amp, I like most of what I have now though I'll say that all of my current headphones are modified or one of a kind. And it's that search for that one of kind experience that drives me forward. Though, I guess I should mention that all my headphones feature modular balanced cables and wood housing.

What I love about hifi is just the total submersion you get from a high end rig, music is such an emotional experience, and the devil is in the details as they say. I also greatly enjoy listening with friends, it's the moment when I and the guy or gal next to me are sitting jaw agape, eyes widen and totally lost in the music that I live for!

We Love Makiah because...

We believe music is definitely an "emotional experience" to quote Makiah. Finding that experience and sharing it with others is our goal. Makiah's passion for spreading this experience is what drew us to him.

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