Moon Audio Ambassador Jose G Ramirez

Official Ambassador Jose G Ramirez

Headphone Fanatic

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Favorite Audio Gear: Everything

Lives In: Maryland - USA

Jose G Ramirez

"I'm hooked on headphones."

Why Jose is an Ambassador

This Puerto Rican native has his fair share of audio knowledge. He was the co-owner of an audio store called Nova Electronics and The Music Room in Puerto Rico.

He has studied finance and has worked in the financial business for 25 years. Now at 56 years old, he is living with is wife in Maryland and going strong in the local Headfi meets and growing his audiophile collection.

We Love Jose because...

His time as a co-owner of an audio store has improved his knowledge of the audio realm and we can't wait to hear more from him. As he says he is "hooked on headphones" and so are we.

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