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Moon Audio Ambassador Jonathan West

Official Ambassador

Jonathan West


Favorite Genre / Artist: Hard Rock, Country, Classical

Favorite Audio Gear: Bowers & Wilkins P7, Beyerdynamic T70p

Lives In: Charlotte, NC

Jonathan West, a.k.a @army_firedawg


Musical quotes

“He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that's what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”
― Hannah Harrington, Saving June

Why Jonathan is an Ambassador

Honestly I'm relatively new to the hi-fi world only being in it for about 2 years and serious about it for roughly 1. I've always loved music and how it has the power to move one's emotions and allows one to feel what the artist was portraying. Before I began working at my store (InMotion Entertainment) 2 years ago I felt it was ludicrous to spend $100 on headphones for something that my $20 marshmallow ear-buds could do as well. Then once I actually began to listen, not hear, but actually LISTEN to how clean music can truly sound I was hooked. Then add the amazing fact that all brands and phones have their own sound signature I just couldn't get enough. So perhaps I can give credit to that love for my success in the field of selling headphones and speakers, I truly convey my feelings as to each audio equipment I am pitching. For when I see that look on a person's face who has finally found the sound they've always wanted and just instantly fall in love with it's euphoric.

We Love Jonathan because...

It doesn't matter how long one is involved in the audio world. Once that contagious audiophilia hits you, you have no choice. We've been trying to help people hear the difference of hifi audio gear and Jonathan can help spread the word of hifi and open people's minds to the possibilities of pure audio.

Latest Review:

Shure SE846

Shure SE846

These are by far my favorite piece of audio gear I've every personally listened to, for they fit everything I look for in a monitor and leaves no cravings for more rather the fulfillment of satisfaction. I am referring to the highly regarded Shure SE846. The first thing I noticed upon glancing at the box was how the drivers are independently tuned to attain exactly the specified range the engineers are wanting which corresponds directly in the amount of crossover you receive which is seemingly absolutely none. These are also the most detailed monitors I've ever heard, leaving no detail unmentioned, then the soundstage, oh my goodness the soundstage. I didn't think it was even possible to possess one this massive in a monitor especially in a product that's just the entry point into the elite class of headphones. I love, truly love these monitors for I get chills when I talk about them let alone when I have them in my ears letting them drift me away to the performance I choose.

On more of an objective side (even more than the previous paragraph), these are also the most all rounded headphone I know of. First they're sweat proof so feel free to have a super hard workout in them, looks like it's about to rain don't worry about it, these won't even flinch. For those who like to listen when they go to sleep these are completely flush with most ears so feel free to lay on your side all while being completely undisturbed from ear pressure, and on that not those bikers who are annoyed for not being able to listen to music fret not they fit again flush against most ears so no worries about the helmet rubbing or breaking it.

I can't stop praising these for nothing I've heard to date gives me more fulfillment on a portable setup for these really go the extra mile and adds different filters so one may tune them to fit their desired sound. Me personally, usually have the “bright” filter on which is a perfect complement to the true sub-woofer these have, but when I'm wanting accuracy I equip the neutral (reference) filter and relish in the rich unbridled detail. Then for the bass heads the “dark” filter will give you enough bass to rattle your teeth.

In closing, I recommend these to absolutely everyone. They have an amazingly durable build quality that (I've proven) can take workouts, drops, tugs, RAIN and if ever you do somehow manage to break the cable, they're detachable. For being one of the oldest audio companies around, and American, these have never left me disappointed.

– Jonathan West

Sennheiser Momentum 2

Sennheiser Momentum 2

One of the best price to quality headphones I know of is the Sennheiser Momentum 2 (Over-Ear) Ivory. These have a wonderfully vast and detailed soundstage and, for those gamers, great directional ques. Very similar to their on-ear models these utilize a solid aluminum frame from can to can with a subtle amount of leather padding on the top, that's actually quite comfortable.

In terms of overall comfort I find these to be outstanding. I wear these in upwards of 3 hours with minimal fatigue but I must say my ears do begin getting warm after an hour or so with the leather pads equipped for its inability to breath. On a similar note, for headphones that aren't noise canceling, these isolate extremely well.

Onto the more objective side, I love the way these sound and believe they are true to the Sennheiser name and the sound they're known for. These are a very warm and welcoming headphone with very pronounced mids that take front stage, but also with a slight coloration to the bass line. The high are still very detailed but I do think it drops the notes on a violin or cello down a pitch ever so slightly. For me, this is the headphone personality I prefer; I'll happily sacrifice sonic accuracy over a warm, welcome and relaxing sound any day and these deliver that wonderfully.

In closing, I'd recommend these to those who are wanting a great “catch all” headphone that does a really good job of melting stress away after a long day at work. These are very durable and well built and even come included with a very nice hard case. Like I said earlier these are a great catch all pair that are great for people who want a detailed “fun” headphone but also for those like myself who want to lay back, relax and let the music sweep over them.

– Jonathan West

Shure SE535

Shure SE535

One of the best monitors I've ever had and a very good all rounder is the Shure SE535. These are wondrously detailed and very, very comfortable in my ear. On the note of comfort, I actually slept in these quite a bit because, like most monitors, these are completely flush with your ears.

The build quality on these are amazing; they're completely sweat proof so have at a great workout and fret not if you get rained on these can take the beating without even flinching. For those who bike with full head helmets, they will find these very useful for they can actually put these in without any rubbing from the padding of the helmet (which from personal experience is very irritating and uncomfortable).

On a more objective side, these monitors are very neutral over all but has a slight coloration to its treble to emphasis the finite detail in your audio recordings. The highs a diamonds easily able to present a very energetic violin or cello, it's mids I find are very uncolored and true and their bass it super tight with very controlled decay. The best way I've came to describing these are saying they're like a waterfall. They're so smooth and tranquil with the ability to easily bring you peace and comfort; but make no mistake, for like a waterfall, when the time comes these hit with impressive power.

In closing, I'd recommend these to anyone wanting a very sleek and classy pair of monitors that are blissfully detailed and use higher tier audio files. These are amazing for what they are and their uses are only limited by the individual who owns them.

– Jonathan West

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