Jeff Zell

Official Ambassador Jeff Zell

a.k.a @digitalzed

Favorite Genre / Artist: Bop, Swing, funk, ska, reggae, rock, blues, Soul, R&B, Americana, folk, bluegrass, punk, alternative, pop, the list goes on. Jazz from Charlie Parker to Christian McBride and everything in-between. Al Green, Motown, Stax, TSOP, Beatles, Stones, Pretenders, Squeeze, Ramones, R.E.M., Bobby Bland, & many more.

Favorite Audio Gear: Audeze headphones rule my listening at the moment

Lives In: United States

Jeff Zell

"Music soothes my soul, refreshes my spirit, and gives me hope."

Why Jeff is an Ambassador

Music soothes my soul, refreshes my spirit, and gives me hope. Yep, that sounds stupid but its the truth. Over the years Ive come to believe that the presentation of music is very important and the gear used to deliver that sound critical. I love a good 2-channel stereo set-up and headphones. Both deliver a visceral experience on different levels. I couldnt do without either.

Audeze headphones rule my listening at the moment. Im also a huge Foster and Sennhesier (who isnt?) fan. I travel with my AK100, HeadAmp Pico Power, and Westone 4Rs and have a MacBook Pro, KEF, and NAD based home system. When I go headphone its Burson and Schiit. Its really a great time to be a headphone lover. Im crazy about Cavalli and Woo audio equipment (even though I dont currently own either) and love what envelope pushers like Schiit and LH Labs are doing at the affordable end of the market. I love trying cables and believe they make a huge difference in the chain. I use Moon Audio (big surprise there) and WyWires right now.

I grew up with older siblings to the sounds of 60s pop music coming from a close-and-play record player and Jerry Vale, Andy Williams, and Frank Sinatra coming from my parents hi-fi in the living room. I bought my first album when I was six years old and never looked back. I bought my first stereo (a Sharp all-in-one, hey, it was 1975) and started making my own tapes. From there I was really hooked on gear. I worked all summer to get a Kenwood amp, Pioneer turntable, and Sansui speakers, adding a crazy Pioneer CT-F900 cassette deck shortly thereafter all the while building my LP collection. Now Im all digital having ripped my albums and CDs over the years several times and fully hooked listening through Media Center or Audirvana Plus. I listen to music. Its not just on in the background and know from experience that different versions of the same recording can vary greatly and that gear can make a poor recording tolerable and a good recording great. Music moves all of us and for me it has been a constant in my entire life. I feed off it and love to give back whether Im dropping knowledge or getting some. Theres always more to learn and share and being a Moon Audio Ambassador is a great forum for that.

We Love Jeff because...

Music definitely soothes the soul and that is why we started this program. Jeff shows that urge to spread the experience we love to feel when we are surrounded by the music that moves us.

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