Jason Ganz

Official Ambassador

Jason Ganz

Jason Ganz

Favorite Genre / Artist: Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground

Favorite Audio Gear: Sennheiser HD700, HD598 with Blue Dragon headphone cable, PONO Player (Clear Kickstarter Limited Edition)

Lives In: New York

Jason Ganz

"Digital Music is more than merely 1s and 0s translated into an audio signal to be sent through "whatever," it begs to be given the same chance to provide enjoyment as analog music, whether it's taken to the other side of the world... or just the backyard."

Why Jason is an Ambassador

I am interested in beta-testing and quality-assurance testing in what many would call "unusual environments" for a product. Whether it's testing the latest AAA racing games on a laptop and using a keyboard for an input device, demonstrating the importance of high-quality audio devices such as music players and headphones to fellow students (while accepting the fact students are both value-conscious and brand-conscious), or allowing friends to A/B their headphones to audiophile headphones, I aim to find the optimal balance between quality, price, and performance for those who may want to enjoy high end audio, but have school and other factors that limit the ability to acquire a pair of HD800s, or Stax SR-009s.

My first high-quality audio experience was the PONO player (yes, the Kickstarter PONO player). Initially, I was only going to use it for the gym, so I coupled it with a pair of Sennheiser Momentums. Not quite the open-ear experience many audiophiles long for, but a definite step up from the traditional beats / smartphone (or iPod) combination many students and youth sport. My reaction was immediate. There was smoothness, a lack of distortion and clipping, and a natural feeling to the music, even if was still a bit bassy and felt "inside my head." Shortly after, I bought my first audiophile headphones, a pair of Sennheiser HD598s. Again, a new experience. Soundstage! Yes, I lost some of the bass oomph that my momentums possessed, but i got a taste of what audiophiles appreciate - smoothness, soundstage, and clarity. The only downside to becoming a budding audiophile was a cable long enough to jump rope with and a connector that needs a converter (and then becomes as large as the player itself). I now use the HD598s with my PONO player to show my friends the audio quality that is possible on a college student's budget if he or she is willing to go beyond whatever artist is shilling this week.

We Love Jason because...

Spreading the audiophile love is what we are all about. Jason has great enthusiasm and willingness to inform others of the vast world of audio. He has already impressed us with his knowledge and eagerness to help others in their audiophile endeavors. We started this business for those who seek the highest of sound quality and are glad to have Jason as part of the team.

Latest Review:

Blue Dragon Headphone cable

Blue Dragon Cable for Sennheiser HD 598, 558 & 518 Headphones V3

"I absolutely recommend the Blue Dragon upgrade for the HD598. More volume at equivalent levels, a tighter and more present bass, and 99.9% of the neutrality of the stock setup."

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