Moon Audio Ambassador Ergin Kesgin

Official Ambassador Ergin Kesgin

Music & Poetry

Favorite Genre / Artist: Rock / Porcupine Tree

Favorite Audio Gear: Westone UM3X RC earphones and the Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable

Lives In: Ankara, Turkey


Ergin Kesgin

"Music the only eternal colour in an otherwise dull universe, and I am here to lead you through a whole spectrum of it. Each gear, each pair of earphones, each cable has its own shade of music, and why should you feel satisfied with only black and white?"

Why Ergin is an Ambassador

My life is music. Two traffic accidents and Multpile Sclerosis having cut my my drumming days short, the best I can do now is to listen to the best possible songs through the best gear I can get my hands on. Yet, I do not, cannot stop there. Music is best enjoyed when shared, and the joy of bonding through sound was all I felt when I worked on various local and online radio stations. ( and Radyo Hacettepe being two.) I also love to bring music to my classes. How many of you have had English professors who explained what romantic poetry was essentially about with the help of a certain Marillion song (Childhood's End), or how many of you have had listening exams based on the lyrics of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin? :)

Apart from being an English linguist and a certified translator/interpreter, I am also an aspiring poet, and I have two separate volumes of poetry with each poem accompanied by a related song. You can see samples of it on my blog.

We Love Ergin because...

Ergin is the epitome of Music is a Movement. His use of music to teach is an inspiring way to promote the unity of music and language; and how could we not love a professor who uses Led Zeppelin as a teaching tool? We believe music has a way of connecting people and Ergin is actively promoting and spreading his passion.

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