Moon Audio Ambassador Christian Luckett

Official Ambassador Christian Luckett

a.k.a. @RAZR787B

Favorite Genre / Artist: Emo, Screamo, Post Hardcore, Slowcore, Post Rock, Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Trip-Hop, Chillstep

Favorite Audio Gear: Sennheiser HD650, Beresford Caiman II

Lives In: Madison, Wisconsin - USA

Christian Luckett

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Why Christian is an Ambassador

I love music and I love the gear that enables me to enjoy it in an intimate fashion. I like to have the ability to hear the smallest details of a composition in order to create the awareness that I'm not just listening to some artificial representation of sound. But, humans playing in a studio, where via their humanity they do things that are unique — whether intentional or not. I'm an ambassador because I'd like to share that desire to experience music in an intimate fashion with others.

We Love Christian because...

Christian's passion for hearing the details in music composition is what we love about him. This is our passion at Moon Audio as well. The smallest details, nuances and music as art are what we endeavor to amplify the magic in daily. We know Christian's enthusiasm will be electric and inspiring for new and current music lovers in our community.

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