Moon Audio Ambassador Billson Chang

Official Ambassador Billson Chang


Favorite Genre / Artist: Everything under the sun with exception of Country.

Favorite Audio Gear: iFi Micro iDSD

Lives In: Brunei-Muara, Brunei Darussalam - Malaysia


Billson Chang

"[I] like personal audio so much that have a dedicated shelve and table to store everything...not to mention another corner for all the original boxes for each individual audio gear."

Why Billson is an Ambassador

Billson has graced the audio scene with reviews through Jabra, TekFusion, RockJaw, BrainWavz, Noontec before starting his own website, He is also one of iFi-Audio Micro iDSD crowd design winners and is continuing to contribute into iFi-Audio's upcoming Mini iDSD. He is also a prototype tester for RockJaw and BrainWavz.

While he doesn't play any instruments, Billson is a huge fan of audio. So much so that he has a dedicated shelf and table to store everything, not to mention another corner for all the original boxes from all of his audio gear and a 1TB HDD dedicated for audio of different genres and movies.

Besides audio, also a fan of Apple and their products as a result, a team member of iPadClubMalaysia.

We Love Billson because...

Billson's reviews and blogs on is what really impressed us. He shows a lot of knowledge when it comes to the hifi world. Billson, keep those boxes of audio gear piling up!

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