Moon Audio Ambassador Aumkar Chandan

Official Ambassador Aumkar Chandan


Favorite Genre / Artist: Jazz / Blues / Neo Soul / Hip-Hop / Electronica

Favorite Audio Gear: Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

Lives In: India

Aumkar Chandan

"More than a pragmatist, I'm a Beyerdynamic Headphone collector...I have almost all of the Classic Beyer headphones, from the DT48 to the 880' many more in the list, of course."

Why Aumkar is an Ambassador

This 17 year old from India started in HiFi when he was just 16 years old with the help of his trusty Sennheiser HD 650's.

Aumkar has been very active in creating YouTube videos on his self-funded channel and he is very active in the Head-fi community too.

He is an avid Beyerdynamic headphone collector. He states, "As far as my favorite gear goes, I'll choose my dt880's as the best headphones under $1000, from their grain-free timbre to the excellent impulse response, they have to be the best and most undervalued phones of all time. I remember plugging them into a Woo Wa2 and a Lehmann BCL and it sounded unreal. My amp at the moment is the Schiit Valhalla 2, my 880's currently are stock due to the fact that I have a very Rare DT880 PRO - 600 Ohm. I use my own custom made cables for AKG's and other modded Mini-XLR phones and some TRS here and there."

We Love Aumkar because...

We love that Aumkar has such a strong presence in the hifi community at such a young age. It is fun to witness the future of audiophiles. His passion for the hobby is very obvious and we can't wait to witness what his future holds.

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