Moon Audio Ambassador Andrew Tsegelnik

Official Ambassador Andrew Tsegelnik

a.k.a @andrewtsegelnik

Favorite Genre / Artist:

Favorite Audio Gear:Ears

Lives In: Russia

Andrew Tsegelnik

"Without ears there's no music around you."

Why Andrew is an Ambassador

Russian audio-enthusiats are plenty and they are always looking for new gear, new products, new impressions.

Here in Russia Moon Audio is not very famous, but music and gear lovers are plenty. I am familiar to Russian main web resources and forums devoted to personal audio ( and and could tell the people all the benefits of Moon Audio products speaking their native language (not very many people here have good skills and knowledge of English).

We Love Andrew because...

We are familiar with those in the Russian audio world being very enthusiastic about their audio gear. It is great that we have someone on our team that will be able to communicate the views of the Russian people and help us expand our knowledge.

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