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Moon Audio Ambassador Amar Khan

Official Ambassador

Amar Khan

Classically Trained

Favorite Genre / Artist: Grime / Garage / Rap / Hip Hop / Reggae / Dancehall / Bashment / Jazz / Drum n Bass / Jungle / Rock / Classical / Orchestral

Favorite Audio Gear: If headphones are a 'given', DACs and/or amps

Lives In:

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Amar Khan


Musical quotes

"...And apparently no one had to instill me with a love of music, my mum says I used bang pots and pans, tap my hands and feet on different surfaces and all sorts as a child before I was formally taught real rhythm and tempo."

Why Amar is an Ambassador

Classically trained till preteens on the recorder, moved onto playing clarinet in a school woodwind orchestra (with and without strings during practices/performances depending on timeline) till end of grade school, picked up a few percussions for the school marching band as well, and learned guitar to play a 7 stringer and be a sampler/backup singer for a band for a few years as well... And apparently no one had to instill me with a love of music, my mum says I used bang pots and pans, tap my hands and feet on different surfaces and all sorts as a child before I was formally taught real rhythm and tempo :-)

Have always listened to music for extended periods of time since a young age but more in a background manner unless I was part of the recording/production process. Then recently I found out how good and cheap portable amps are nowadays which quickly relaunched me into the pleasure of listening to music intently shortly before my first purchase from Moon Audio. Now hooked on the different moods and combos achievable with different DACs/amps/headphones/cables, I have found a new comfort and habit in keeping an ear on 'deeper music exposure' (for lack of a better term) as a primary activity on it's own... As opposed to constantly analyzing by ear and repetition or a simply a filler for silence during other activities. My personal taste for this gear is usually centered towards the best 'sound signature from each team/brand/component', to make distinct sound combos for a large variety of music, moods and uses.

Have always enjoyed a wide range of instruments to play, so I've enjoyed gear like guitar amps/pedals, MIDI keyboards, etc. I've also always enjoyed collecting guitars, electric and acoustic, to play and cherish as collector's items, a habit I'm slowly bringing to any/every other instrument made in a distinct manner that I come across.

After reading up on Moon Audio and having placed a couple of orders I enjoy your company philosophy, the custom work and professionalism you bring to this hobby. I had actually been planning on singing your praises with the cables I purchased for a while on HeadFi but couldn't free up the time for it, so once I saw the ambassador program I figured this might be even more helpful for you and more direct. Personally, I truly enjoy the atmosphere of the people around setups that are based on quality and service as opposed to figures/quantity/growth because it gives a personal touch that is missing from more 'corporate setups', and leaves the customer with a much deeper sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, turning buyer's remorse into positive long term cherishing of the purchase.. Something I got from you with several items I use regularly, and something I would love to help Moon Audio spread to everyone who enjoys music. Also to be honest, I was also hoping to be able to benefit from some good promos and keep a good relationship with the professionals in this domain for whatever the future might bring. I had also never reviewed a product pre-production in this sense which seemed like an exciting opportunity, especially considering the line up of brands you deal with (whatever the product may be, but in particular Moon Audio's own 'Dragon Cans' I think Drew is working on).

We Love Amar because...

We love that Amar is already passionate about our company and the products we produce. Amar's love for audio can only grow and we are excited to see what the future will hold for him as a Moon Audio Ambassador!

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