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How & Why Drew Baird Started Moon Audio

Birth of Dragons

Drew & Nichole Baird, Moon Audio Founders

Were you doing anything in high school you still love?

For Moon Audio founder and my husband Drew Baird, listening to music, being a DJ and modifying high-end audio equipment became a lifelong love.

Drew earned his engineering degree from Penn State University. We met in the summer before my senior year in college. "I'll be right over," Drew told my friend Tricia when she told him 2 pretty girls had just moved in.

Complimenting my red lipstick, he told me I looked like Drew Barrymore, that made a good first impression. Drew is a great listener and we talked all afternoon. I found a card at my front door on my 21st birthday. The card said, "This Card Valid For One Free Dinner of Your Choice, Happy Birthday".

The Test

I moved to London for an Internship at the US Embassy. Drew worked as a civil engineer to pay off his student loans. We spoke regularly by phone since the embassy had a satellite that made all Washington D.C. calls free. Returning to America, Drew picked me up at the airport and we were were married 3 years later in 1999.

In 2003 we needed new audio cables. Drew had $1,000 cable taste but no such budget. Drew used DIY audio parts and wire to make our cables. He made more than we needed and then offered the extras for sale and those first cables sold within 3 days.

The protoype for the Silver Dragons had been born.

Drew's Dragons Become Moon Audio

Moon Audio Silver Dragon Audio Cables

Drew worked his engineering job during the day for 5 years while we built Moon Audio. He came home to "make the cables" and packed Silver Dragon orders at night and on weekends. He answered emails and phone messages on lunch hours.

Even Drew's Mom, a fashion designer in NYC for 45 years, helped build cables in the early years. Drew was and is dedicated to Moon Audio's customers, our family and in finding ways that new ideas can grow into GREAT sound and music.

As Moon Audio grew Drew defined our Core Beliefs

  • We are PASSIONATE about music and sound.
  • Our hand-crafted audio cables, modified headphones and audio gear help customers HEAR what is really there.
  • We love artists, musicians, audio engineers, composers and all who create music.
  • Moon Audio hand-crafts audio cables of high quality materials with masterful workmanship and at affordable prices.
  • We love fellow music lovers, audiophiles, hifi hobbyists, and all who are passionate about music and sound quality.
  • When our products create connections between musicians, music and music lovers we’ve achieved our most important goal.

In early 2010 Drew quit his day job. Moon Audio became his full-time job.

Moon Audio Sells Headphones, Earphones & Ultra Premium Audio Cables

When we started our company in 2003, audio cables (by other companies) were manufactured overseas to keep costs down. Audio cables were available in limited standard and unchanging configurations.

Portable audio began blowing up thanks to Apple's iPod, iPad and the creation of "on demand" digital music platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. The "Portable Audio Revolution" created a need to configure cables for the new digital players and platforms.

Thanks for learning about Drew and Moon Audio,

Nichole Baird
Marketing Director
Moon Audio

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