Music Hall PH25.2 Headphone Amplifier

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Brand: Music Hall

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Music Hall Authorized Dealer

*2013 Stereophile Recommended Component*

Marrying a gorgeous sounding tube pre-amp with solid-state amplification has been a technique for achieving unequaled sound quality in hi-end component audio since the advent of the transistor. While kicking around ideas for Music Hall's new headphone amp they thought, why not try this same technique in a single component?

Music Hall PH25.2 Headphone Amplifier

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Music Hall built one up and were blown away by the increased detail, clarity, and presence the design offered. The tube hybrid headphone amp was born. Hand assembled using the highest quality parts available the music hall ph25.2 will have you singing along with your favorite artists.

Stereophile’s Sam Tellig describes the bass on the Music Hall ph25.2 as, “…more grab-ass.”

“…great clarity, superb bass authority, sweetly extended treble…”

“This is an outstanding headphone amp.”


•Neutrik headphone output sockets

•Highly reliable 6N16B tube pre-amp section employing SRPP circuit

•CD and AUX input

•Pre-Amp output

•Audiophile grade CMC RCA sockets ensure no signal loss

•Special low-noise R-core power transformer

•Two buffered headphone outputs incorporating superior TPA6120 opamps

•Precise Alps Type 27 potentiometer with 0.5dB accuracy

•Solid and substantial ½in. brushed alloy fascia

•Voltage switchable Specifications

•Rated power output: 650mW (Load=47ohm)

•Input sensitivity: 330mV

•Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz (±1dB)

•Noise: < 0.8mV (at maximum volume)

•THD: < 0.25% (1KHz)