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KingRex U Power

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The Kingrex U Power offers the end user a way to isolate the Kingrex UD384 USB Dac from noisy & dirty AC power sources. It is a battery power supply used to power the UD384 with pure DC power.

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Pure DC output Battery power supply unit.

I. Two output :

A. 2.5mm DC jacket: 7.5V DC output

B. USB A :5V DC output(through linear regulator)

II. Major component: High quality Sanyo Li-ion battery.

III. Power volume: 2600mA/hr. Included special design for isolated protect circuitry for two Li-ion batteries.

IV. Using fully high quality aluminum for styling & cooling.

V. Low battery indicator design for charging reminding.

VI. CHG/DC out switch. Fully isolated the charging and discharging. It will free the AC noise from the charger.

VII. Parallel charging- each cell could charge to its maximum by the design.


Additional Info

KingRex Power Supply Unit Compatibilities

  U-Power     5V/7.5V     2.6Ah     KingRex UC384     KingRex UD384     Cambridge iD50 Docking  

 1. A charge/discharge toggle switch that fully separates the charging and discharging circuits.This prevents any external noise interference from the AC charger or wall outlet when it isused for discharging as well as ensuring a pure and interference free DC output.

2. A constant current source based charging circuit that ensures the charging current is withinthe acceptable level for the battery for a significantly extended battery life.

3. Independent charging/discharging protection circuit board on the of battery cell to protecteach cell of the battery against damage caused by over charging and discharging. Shortcircuit protection is included.

4. Independent charging and discharging indicators for a clear display of the status of yourUPOWER: charging, charging completed, in use, and power low (lower than 10% of totalcapacity).

5. A robust and stylish aluminum casing that not only protects the internal PCB and batterycells but also has an excellent cooling function.

6. Uses the industry leading Sanyo 18650 Lithium-ion cells with up to 2600 maH capacityand a lifetime of 500 charging cycles.

7. Two outputs of different voltage. One of 7.5V for Kingrex series devices and the other of5V with a USB connector for any mobile device with a USB charging port including: mobilephones, MP3 players, earphoneamp, PDAs and the like.



Power supply with lithium-ion cells

Charging by: Constant current source based charging circuit

Charging current: 0.7A

Charging time: Around 7 hours

Output voltage:DC 7.5V OUT port: 7.5-8.4 V

USB port: DC 5V


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