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Blue Dragon USB Cable by Moon Audio

2012 PFO Writer's Choice Winner

The Blue Dragon USB cable utilizes our single crystal UPOCC copper construction to provide you with the best possible digital bus transmission.  It uses a 99.999% pure copper 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded copper conductors with a double layer shield to ward off outside interference.

"By Far the Best Value in USB Cables...The Blue Dragon remains extraordinarily musical and does not suffer from harsh treble."-Andy Schaub, Issue 64


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Standard USB cables are not up to the task of large bit rate information.  We have optimized this cable for audio transmission of large High Rez files.  USB cables can make big a difference and the Blue Dragon is one heck of a bang for the buck cable.

The Blue Dragon USB cable is utilized to transfer digital audio information from your PC or portable iDevice to an outboard USB Digital to Analog Converter allowing you to enjoy your computer based audio in a home or portable audio system's environment. 

Positive Feedback Review March 2012, Issue 60

Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Awards - December 2012, Issue 64


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Super! Rich, detailed, full, very musicalReview by David
Very satisfied with this cable!
Even on 4,5 m it delivers super sound.

Upgrade fom Audioquest cinnamon 3m

Musicality took several jumps up!
I can't really imagine a better cable, especially for that price.

Rich in bass and mids, very good clarity and treble.
Very detailed. It's always a good sign when you hear new instruments and details in an upgrade, as the case certainly was here.
Staging is good too.

Runs quite close to hdmi and bass rca cable and still this great! (Posted on 8/25/2015)
Blasted through my expectationsReview by Heath
I had no expectations that the Blue Dragon USB cables would impact the sound of my desktop headphone rig (laptop-Schiit Bifrost-Schiit Lyr2-DHC Molecule Elite 4-wire HP cables-Alpha Primes). I bought them primarily because of the ability to customize the connections and lengths for my needs, and to get more of my cabling under one brand/make (I previously ordered some interconnects from Drew). Pricing-wise they were a bit high for simply wanting custom-sized cables, but obviously not too high.

That said, the improvement in sound left me a slack-jawed. I can't pin down all the little improvements, except to say that the sound gained some clarity and sweetness. I've made a lot of tweaks to my rig recently and I really didn't expect any sonic changes from the Blue Dragons, but I'm very pleased to say they met my functional needs and surprised with the sonic improvements. (Posted on 3/27/2015)
Improved the sound and video of my headphone setup by an unexpected margin.Review by Shirley R.
I received my Blue Dragon usb cable and I am using it for my portable audio setup.

I have about 30 - 40 hours with it so far and I can already say to anyone interested in Moon Audio cables that this is a great Dragon to start with if you are curious to see what the Dragons can and will do for your setup.

I kid you not, I also charged my Plystation Vita with the micro plug and my friend and I both can see and hear a magical difference with a much less harsh sound and more vivid video. For the price of th Blue Dragon, it comes very highly recommended. (Posted on 3/16/2015)
Superb Build Quality Review by Steve R
I will not discuss the sonic improvements as that is a debatable issue to some although I have long been a believer in cables shaping the sound.

The build quality on my Blue Dragon USB cable is emphatically not up for debate. The Blue Dragon is built to very tight tolerances and fits my USB input on my amp/DAC perfectly.

For $75, what you receive is the best USB cable on the market. (Posted on 3/16/2015)
This Blue Dragon Made me into a believer...Review by Kevin L.
I have to say, when it comes upgrading cables, I have become more of a believer than a skeptic. This USB cable does make my music sound more enjoyable. I've had this cable in my possession for about a month now and I don't think I'll be swapping it out for anything else. My previous cable was of good quality, but I felt the sound was a bit too thin.

Here comes the Blue Dragon to save the day! My music sounds more well rounded, better bass, mids, and smoother highs. I will purchase their Blue Dragon headphone cable in the future at some point for my HE-400i's.

I would highly recommend this cable. (Posted on 10/26/2014)
Great Bang For Buck Cable!Review by Peter K
Looking up many reviews on usb cables, I was happy to stumble upon the Blue Dragon. It's price was within my range with positive reviews and bonus was it came in small lengths which is great when you don't want excess cable around to keep it tidy.

The quality of the cable is great as is the sound. It has a nicer high end compared to the Audioquest Forest, the midrange is detailed and smooth, and the bass is where I heard the biggest difference. I was getting more bass with much better control.

If you are someone looking for a great bang for buck USB cable, then this cable is a great buy. If your speakers/ headphones are a bit bass shy then this cable might cure that. I reviewed this blue dragon with the HRT Music Streamer II+ with Swan M200 mkIII Speakers.

Cheers and happy listening! (Posted on 10/23/2014)
RecommendedReview by Barnaby
I added the Blue Dragon USB cable to my Macbook Pro – Chord Hugo – Shure 535SE (reds) with Silver Dragon cable set up.

I thought I would try out this USB cable because I was hearing some harsh treble using the generic USB cable that came with the Chord Hugo.

Sure enough, the Blue Dragon cable seems to have resolved that slight harshness and has added a smoothness and naturalness to the sound. I recommend it. (Posted on 7/15/2014)
For the price, hard to beat!Review by Blackpug
I have been very pleased with the sound of Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB. I have compared it to cables from Audioquest, Nordost, HiDiamond, and custom.

The Blue Dragon is closed to the Audioquest Forest cable in price. Both can be had for under $100. To me the Blue Dragon sounds better hands down. It is much more detailed and mellow (less harsh) than the Forest.

I will say both the Nordost and HiDiamond are more revealing than the Blue Dragon, and the HiDiamond has even better bass. Understand though that this comes at close to 2x to 3x the price of the Blue Dragon.

For the money, the Blue Dragon is a winner and should be considered against all cables in its price range and even above. (Posted on 4/3/2013)
Blue Dragon usbReview by Brian
After months of looking to upgrade to a better usb cable I decided to give Moon Audio's Blue Dragon a shot. I was previously using a usb cable from a very well respected cable manufacturer and everything was fine with my setup.

Each time I listened to my music though it just felt like something was missing. After researching usb cables and talking to some folks online I was set on wywires usb cable until I was quoted a price...$900 for the length I needed! Wow...that is almost as much as what my dac cost! Since that was not in my budget I started looking elsewhere. That brought me to the Moon Audio Blue Dragon. After speaking with Drew a few times I knew this was the cable I have been looking for. I let the cable burn in for about 48 hours before I sat down the other night to really do some critical listening.

All I can say is "WOW!" This usb cable has exceeded all of my expectations! That finally found a usb cable that gives me that top end sparkle to the sound I have been looking for! Crazy how switching out a usb cable can make such a difference but it has. I will be switching all of my cables over to Moon Audio! (Posted on 4/14/2012)

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